Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta - Big Sur compatibility

Please note this Public Beta is specifically for users who have already downloaded macOS Big Sur.

The Public Beta for Overbridge 2.0.53 is now available to download, offering support for Mac users running macOS Big Sur and Apple M1.

This version has the same feature set as the previous public release, with the exception of Core Audio drivers not currently being supported on Big Sur. This is being worked on and will be available at a later date.

Therefore, if you would like to run Overbridge with Core Audio drivers we would advise you to refrain from updating to Big Sur until this version of Overbridge leaves beta.

It has been a challenging task to develop Big Sur and Overbridge compatibility, and we’re hugely grateful to all Private Beta testers who helped with their feedback, and all users who waited patiently while we worked on - and continue to work hard on - the most effective solution.

If you would like to join the Public Beta, you will also need to update the firmware for your Overbridge-compatible devices. Both the software and links to updated firmware are available here. Please read the instructions thoroughly before installation.


Could you explain what advantages does Core Audio have ? Sorry for stupid question

I use OB on Big Sur with SIP switched off, is it the same way new update will work without switching off SIP ?

The CoreAudio driver is necessary for setting up the device as an audio interface in e.g. your DAW while in Overbridge mode. You can still multi-track stream the audio via the Overbridge plugins to your DAW without it, but you will have to set your built-in speakers or an external audio interface as output device.

SIP will not have to be switched off for using Overbridge 2.0.53. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary will have to be done to use or install the Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta.


So if I get this right, if you’re still on Catalina this one is a no no but the corresponding unit firmware updates are ok with the previous version of OB?

oh ok I kind of get it now thanks. I’m new to Elektron world as I bought Digitakt few weeks ago.

So with CoreAudio I could choose Digitakt as an output while DT is in Overbridge mode in the same way I can do it right now if I switch DT to USD+Audio mode, right ?

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The firmware updates will work with the previous version of Overbridge, and includes some nice bug fixes. Overbridge 2.0.53 will work on Catalina as well but it makes sense to stay on the previous Overbridge version which is a stable release, as opposed to this being a public beta version. The new driver only installs on Big Sur so there are no big news for those on an earlier macOS.




Thanks so much for getting this sorted!

I’m relatively new to Elektron and haven’t tried overbridge until today, so excuse me if this is unrelated to the actual update. Does this fix resolve the compatibility with Logic Pro 10.6 or is that a seperate fix? As it stands, I can open Overbridge as a mono/stereo VST in Logic but when I try to open a multitrack it doesn’t work.

Edit: It decided to work on it’s own. Never mind. Awesome stuff guys, thank you!


Anyone else having the standalone Analog Rytm app crash immediately on launching?

Hmmm I do not see rytm mk2 showing up as a soundcard in Live 11 when overbridge mode is enabled. It shows up as active in the engine and the plugin can be used to manipulate the hardware but no sound in Ableton. Anyone else?

Is there a particular process to get Overbridge to load as a VST in Logic Pro? I’m trying to load the Analog Four MK2 VST as an Instrument Track in Logic Pro but the plugin just shows a spinning loading symbol infinitely? I’m on Logic Pro 10.6.1 with a M1 Mac Mini (16gb/256 ssd). (Using the Overbridge and A4 MK2 firmware upgrades from today. A4 MK2 was also turned off and rebooted after Overbridge installation and then again after firmware installation.)

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Warning! Please refrain from upgrading to macOS Big Sur if you want to keep using your Elektron device as a regular sound card in Overbridge mode. Only multi-track streaming from the plugin is available at this point. CoreAudio will be added later.

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Logic uses AU plugin format, not VST

Ahhh I see lol. Didn’t realize you could stream audio without selecting rytm as the sound card. I shall read the manual!

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Please use this topic for general discussion and questions around Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta and Big Sur compatibility. For participating in the beta and reporting potential issues, head over to the Public Beta topic. We’re also happy to hear if everything works well for you!




Hm, that’s weird