Open Challenge #13. The Swamp Effect VOTING CLOSED

Welcome back to the Open Challenges!

What is Open Challenge? It is as the name implies, a challenge open to all, regardless of genre, gear used, experience, ability etc. The idea with the Open Challenge is for you to try something you wouldn’t normally do, get out of your comfort zone, and expand your creative world.

Open Challenge 13-

It’s high summer where I live in the sub tropical region of Australia, currently the nights have been around 27 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity. Hot sweaty, sleepless, oppressive and disgusting. So include an appropriately revolting swampy feel in your track.

One Effect. You may only use One effect! For your whole track. Which effect you choose is up to you, but you only get one, so use it wisely, use it effectively. You might use just a single reverb on one sound, or you might use a distortion on the whole mix, your call. But One Effect ONLY for your whole project.

Resampling is allowed, but still only one effect for the whole project, so dont go thinking you can cheat round it.

Filters compressors and EQs are not considered effects for the purpose of this challenge

You may use what ever gear you like. Upload your Swampy single effect tracks here, ONE submission per person.
Deadline End of March 2023.


I am swamped, but it is tempting ! :content:



Im in


Living in Australia, where we are indeed stewing in our own juices, count me in.

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I’m in!


Okay, goddamnit, @Microtribe, two questions:
I’m focusing on the DT for this one (so far) and I’ve got some good, revolting drums happening, but I’m using a touch of overdrive on a different track to give it a gain boost to be heard…
Is this my effect? I dont want it to be my effect…
Im not arguing here, just seeking clarification.

Suppose I had sampled some drums off of the album Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires and they are swampy, dubbed out drums full of dubby delay. I did not apply this delay, Scientist did… right?




For clarification see the OP. Filters compressors and EQ are not considered effects for this challenge.

Hope that helps.

And panning (for more than just initial sound placement) would also be considered an effect, right?

Nope. Pan your socks off.



Bump. The swamps be quiet.

(Actually they are not, I’m plagued by noisy as fuck crickets getting into my house somehow and chirping at a thousand db until they die after a few hours)
Anyway, bump, anyone made a start on this yet?

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Damn, kind of overlooked this one… Count me in!

Most of my music tends to be swampy so I’ll give it a bash.
One more clarifier which I think I know the answer to… if I use something like Ableton’s Echo which also has a reverb does that still count as one? I feel like that might start pushing into MultiFX territory.

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Pppffff good question. I had not thought of that.
@Bamshoot Actually, this can be answered by reviewing the mission brief.

One effect only. So reverb is one effect. Delay is one effect etc. My quadraverb has 4 effects, but if I just use the reverb, there’s my one effect.

Filters, eq and compression are not considered effects.


I’m working on it. Got some swampy elements in play, but needing that something else. End of March you say? No problemo

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Here’s mine.
Octatrack. Chopped Drum loop is me playing drums, field recording, TR505 sample chain, random chord from I dunno, some film soundtrack sample again dunno, and a long note sampled from the Sub37, for the bass line. some eq, some compression (all allowed according to brief)
Effect used - Analog Heat MID DRIVE.

I wanted a really closed oppressive sound, really monotonous and thick, so I used the Mid Drive, which Ive never used before.

There’s a few mistakes in it…


Yuk! Thats pretty swampy…got me reaching for the Gold Bond powder!

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I have no idea what that means. But I dig it

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