Open Challenge #08: VOTING

Good evening Elektronauts.

As the champion of the Droning On challenge, it falls to me to propose the next challenge. I didn’t actually realise this when joining the challenge, and certainly didn’t expect to win. So, I’ve had to do a bit of research into previous battles, which has been a good way to avoid doing real work, and a highly enjoyable experince listening to some great varied music.

Previous battles:

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6 – Open Challenge 6 (can’t find the name but it had a Christmassy touch)

7 – Droning on

What with it being spring (up here in the Northern hemisphere anyway), I wanted to try something a bit cheerful, but not too onerous.

I have always hugely enjoyed the little mini-tracks (vignettes, interludes or whatever people refer to them as) on albums such as Music has the Right, Double Figure and Tiny Reminders (I am sure there are many others but these instantly come to mind).

So, my challenge revolves are around creating a mini-track, no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

Previous challenges have featured some fairly arbitrary parameters, so here are mine:

A maximum of 4 discrete parts in total. I deem a part as a drum loop or pattern; a bassline as a part; a chord sequence as a part; a melody… and so on.

The rub is that I would like 1 part to be reserved for a sample, and that sample to come from an ASMR YouTube source.

ASMR has grown from a quite niche subsection of the internet to becoming quite mainstream, with multi-million subscriber relaxation apps and celebrity narrators – I find the whole thing quite fascinating, and have for a very long-time considered it a potentially rich source of amazing and weird samples, but never got round to actually recording any. From nonsensical whispering, interminable tapping and scratching noises, to people eating massive plates of random disgusting food really close to a microphone – all recorded pretty well, and ready to sample and chop up (or ‘flip’ as some of you younguns may call it).

Entrants should post up their ASMR source links with their submission please.

Please find these links below of mini-tracks to give an example of what I’m kind of aiming for.

(I can’t go into Lidl without this one always popping into my head).

Usual uploads formats accepted (mp3s, links to Youtube, etc).

Shall we say the submission deadline is the 22nd of May, with the winner announced on the 29th.

Good luck - and get ready to tingle.


Is YouTube the only allowable source for ASMR samples or is recording our own ok?


Record your own mate.

What I liked about a YouTube link was simply hearing the source Vs the use in the submitted music.


Sounds like fun!!!

I’m in!!!


Nice challenge!

Somehow, that whole ASMR thing completely passed me by,
holy shit, but yeah good, we’ll sample it then, sounds fun!

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The asmr explosion seems to have a forgone sounds that actually stimulate a tingly brain response and now includes any quiet sound mic’d up close.
For me it’s really rare to find a sound that provokes a true asmr, someone eating noodles or licking a mic (yes there’s a whole twitch sub genre devoted to this) doesn’t do anything special to my brain.


Right, ASMR on Youtube it is then… So this is what the dark web looks/sounds like. Thanks for the curve ball, @sid6581! :grinning:

I think one of the challenges will be to combine the (what seems commonly) slow pace of an ASMR bit and the max length of 1min 30s.

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Haha - this is great. Heinbach’s defo not allowed to make this submission to the challenge!

The track at 5.30ish is actually very lovely.


Had not heard of ASMR.
Watched the heinbach vid and others, found it all very irritating to be honest. Verging on misophonia.


Oh dear Microtribe - I’m sorry to Heinbach managed to evoke the wrong sort of sensory response for you.

I hope, however, you’ll still join the challenge - it’s not meant to be any sort of endorsement (or indeed critique) of ASMR, just that it provides a very broad range of interesting sound sources.

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I hate ASMR, my wife and sister both respond to it though. It just irritates me.


I might dig around in my sampler and see what I find. If I do I’ll be running with the misophonia though… it’ll be disgusting.


Just plug a mic into your OT, eat a bag of Wotsits, record the result :joy:


Good god man, you’re insane. Im not eating orange polystyrene, even if it is in the name of art!


You could purge after eating, for ASMR chunder crash cymbal finale, the people would love it, bonus points if you use the resulting mess for your cover art, finger paint stylee. :joy:


I’m in !


Heres mine. Even though I dont dig this ASMR thing at all. Makes me want to punch people.

Edit: octatrack, sample source - my own field recording, analogue heat. Recorded straight to Tascam DR40x.


Alright, having realised I totally neglected this thread, I got an hour and a half free last night to have a crack at putting something toghther, so here’s my effort.

2 parts are from the Rev2, effected in bitwig.
the droney/belley part is taken from the Shennavai Kontakt library, again heavily effected in bitwig.
The ASMR bit is from this chap:

I tried to capture an uneasy feeling with it after reading something about that kind of thing on the Boards of Canada thread on this forum. Not sure if it comes across.

Cos I’m an idiot, I was struggling to record audio to my desktop from youtube, and found this extension for chrome, if it is of any use to anyone.


Just watched a bit of this - totally bonkers