Open Battle #4 - Mix first, ask questions later(ed)

Right. Been thinking all day and this is the best I can come up with.

If you don’t like it, blame @korpinen and @blakewalt for being such bad winners.

So I see a lot of threads and posts on here about how difficult many people seem to find it finishing their tracks, so I thought we could use these battles as an opportunity for some of you to try something a little different, learn the art of not really giving a shit.

Basically, I want yous all to record a live performance straight to a stereo track. No overdubs, no post processing, what you record is what you submit. All mixing and such must be done before (or during) the performance. As this method is familiar to a few of us, I’ll spice it up by adding that you aren’t allowed to use reverb*.

So put that Strymon down, minimise the Valhalla verb and throw your Quadraverb at some children. They’re useless to you now.

No limits beyond the above in terms of gear use, genre, length or format (if you want to make a video of you twerking your succulents that’s entirely up to you). One track per entrant. Closing date 30th September at midnight (BST).

*If you capture the natural reverb of your recording space, this is acceptable, the use of any dedicated reverb unit or plugin is forbidden, punishable by a weekend in my basement viewing my “YouTube thumbnails that piss me off” slide show.


haha… my soul is right there with you already.


Assume that also means no reverbs built into units themselves?

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Yeah, like you can use the digitone, but you can’t use the digitone’s reverb.

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I’m glad I have a great delay :upside_down_face:

Fun prompt! It’s not too different from how I work. Looking forward to coming up with a track in the spirit of the battle. And to hearing everyone’s naked, reverb-less tracks


Well the tracks don’t have to be reverb-less, you’re just not allowed to use a reverb unit to achieve it.

If you want to build your own out of a bunch of delays that’s allowed.

If you want to resample all your drums under a railway bridge, that’s allowed.

If you want to record your vocals in the shitter, that’s allowed.

Creativity is encouraged.

Black hole presets are not.


Can I Blue Peter it? Submit something I made a while ago, it meets the critera already.


As long as it meets the criteria I don’t give a shit.

And where I’m from, “Blue Petering” something has a far less savoury connotation.


Cool. I’ll upload it if I remember.
What does it mean where you’re from then?

Done! (with more restrictive rules so I’m off :pl:)

:elot: Comb Comp Contest!

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grown up stuff

Pleasuring onesself with a homemade implement.

For example:

Don’t touch that bottle Dave, our Mandy’s been Blue Petering that all week.


Oh. Is that all? I was hoping for something less savoury.

Anyway will enter this thing. My track is hardly a track, but its a live take, no reverb at all.

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You’ve not seen our Mandy…


I am so excited about this :flushed: just need to reserve a bit of free time to record some jamz.

…Can’t wait to hear others, too. (He said politely)

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Here’s one I made earlier (Our Mandy was not involved)

No reverb. Single take etc. Originally made for another one these challenge wotsits, but I cant remember what it was called.


Ffs. I’m getting a Quadraverb in 2 days man.


It does have a lovely EQ on it.

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The chorus and delay and EQ are pretty good




okay, so just do what i do and dont use reverb… right? thats what i got from your brief. but you and i kinda do it in the same vein, so i just want to make sure i not missing a detail…