Open Battle #02: "Buchlaed"

As the Scoring to picture challenge was still ongoing, I thought i would wait for it to end before the next Open Battle, so here’s the brief for this one:

  • for this battle any instrument can be used; no software though, only hardware
  • number of steps per pattern must be 5 or multiple of 5
  • sequencing can be done using any piece of hardware or software if the machine used doesn’t have an inbuilt sequencer
  • an external MIDI keyboard can be used too
  • samplers can be used but sample playback has to be within the allowed number of steps per pattern
  • only FX tails can be longer than the maximum number of steps
  • a video should accompany the track but it is not mandatory
    for those who want to add video, free clips can be found on this website and similar websites, search engines can help in this case :smiley:
  • the track/video should be around 3 minutes long

Deadline: May 21st 2021. Have fun!

Quoting (with some changes) from the previous OB (should we maybe keep this part for all the other OBs as well? don’t know if this is how it works on the OP-forum @LyingDalai):

Upload your track in SoundCloud with hashtag #NautBattle02 and submit it here or else upload the whole video and soundtrack editing in YT and drop the link here.

We then vote for one submission, the composer of which gets to establish the brief for next battle

Recording can be done in a DAW, a 4-track cassette recorder, a sampler, or any other recording support.
Technical achievement is not the point: the aim of open battles is to explore your instruments further, discover new sound design techniques, get a track done, and most of all have fun!


I think I might be being dense - but I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying, basically, that it’s in 5/4?

Sounds like we’re mimicking the 5 steps of the Music Easel if I’m getting this right. Just set your Digitones to 5 steps :wink: Instant digital Easel. (And phasers on stun…) :smiley:


The only statement is:

If you need to write in 4/4, make your pattern 20 steps in length and put a kick on 1, 6, 11, and 16. :zonked:


you’re free to choose any time signature you want/prefer or any that the device you’re going to use allows, as long as the number of steps is within the 5 or multiple of

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Digiteasel? :laughing:

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Ok ok - I didn’t think about 20!

I don’t know the deal with a Buchla easel but I’ll check it out

I’m not really interested in the competative element, but might play with this one.
Scratching my head over including a DFAM, which has a fixed 8 step sequencer… unless I use the SQ1? Hmmm…

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Here’s the Buchla Music Easel:


Use that TR-8S in your profile picture. Set one of the 1 through 6 outputs to type “Trigger”. Use an instrument track with the gain set to 0 (gain through Shift-Ctrl menu set to 0). Set last step for the track to 5 or 10. Kick the fader up on the channel to send the trigs as triggers with no instrument sound coming out.


This is the only way I use my DFAM; triggered by an external source :slight_smile:

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Yeah I thought of that. Or use my OT to send a 5 step gate pattern. Still doesnt trancend the 8 step fixed DFAM sequencer though. So would this be within breifing parameters @guga ?

Cool idea buddy. Thanks for the link to free images too.

I’ve figured it out! You just need to buy 4 more DFAMs ;-).

40 steps is a multiple of 5!


Regular signature possible with 5 bars.
4/4 16x5=80 steps (or 40 with 1/8th resolution)
3/4 12x5=60 steps

This sounds like a good opportunity for a wonky 0-ctrl workout (who needs time signatures anyway? :laughing:)


Surely trying to write in 4/4 and using 20 step pattern lengths etc defeats the whole purpose of this challenge. As the Easel was a 5 step sequencer and works in that limitation itself. Whats the point of the challenge if you do this? Just wondering.

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Huh, I just started to write a 5/4. I should try it on a hardware device for this

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Let’s be clear: there is nothing to win but to get to set the next brief ^^
Competition can be something that pushes people to create, but it shouldn’t stop you to participate, it is really not an essential part of the battle :slight_smile:

@guga I love non-square time signatures, this brief is the kind I like!


Me too. 4/4 is boring.

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That’s kind of where I was coming from