Open Battle #02: "Buchlaed"

Is it supposed to be a single hardware device (plus a sequencer if no inbuilt seq)?

If so, does a euro case count as a single device?


it would, you would still be using 5 steps in your pattern. the briefing only specifies 5 steps or multiple of 5, so whichever way you achieve that is really up to you

the point of this battle is to try and get out of the somewhat commonly used 8/16/32/64 steps pattern, regardless of how you do that, unless one does that already :slight_smile:

for instance: on an Elektron machine one could set the maximum number of steps to 16 but then have the length of a pattern be of 5, 10 or 15 steps; or set the maximum number of steps to 32 and have a pattern length of 20, that would still be within the briefing

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no, there’s no limit to the number of machines one is allowed to use :smiley:

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Gonna use FIVE machines then.


One step each though, yeah?


Maybe I’ll just do a Napalm Death cover and add a 2-second reverb tail.

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Thats what i thought. Keep it Buchla style. No cheating.

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Bit proggy.


Five steps total, one sound on each, delay set to 25 minutes minimum?


I’m in.

would still fit the briefing… 25 is a multiple :laughing:

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I’ll see what the Make Noise Easel and other things can come up with… this is where the Strega would come in handy for manipulating those tails if I had one.

I don’t know!
IMO this will be as much a challenge to programme beats as writing in 5/4 as all the hits other than the quarter beats will be on 1/20th as opposed to 1/16th notes.

New to the group / challenge section of the forum here. Curious to know how Elektron centered the gear used has to be? I saw in the general rules for the section it saying something about an Elektron unit must be the centerpiece. I have no issue with that just curious if that’s actually a thing or not. Don’t want to get down a rabbit hole and find I’m in violation of the general rules after the fact.

Think I’ll try to cook something up for this, sounds fun.

It varies from challenge to challenge, but in the rules for this one:

So I reckon you can use any hardware you like, but @guga can let us know if not



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Well you could actually consider this measure of 4 quintuplets, four measures in 5/8 :upside_down_face:

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Not sure if anyone still doing this, but here’s an offering.
Fairly predictably in 5/4.
Some other stuff themed around the number 5 in there.
Hardware only, as instructed (Cirklon, P12, OB6, Rytm mk1, BS2 and some outboard effects)


@dcsux This is really great! Thanks for sharing

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