Open Battle #03: ”Collabed”

Right on the heels of Open Battle #02

Time and time again, the amount of talent on this forum has blown me away. However, sometimes 1 + 1 can equal 3…

If there’s one thing I’d love to see more on this forum it’s collaborations between forum members. The purpose of Open Battle #03 is to encourage us Elektronauts to do just that:


How to initiate a collaboration?
Either contact another Elektronaut directly through a private message or leave a comment in this thread if you’re looking for a collaborator.

Once you have someone to work with, please let us know you’re taking part! As to the track itself, the world is your oyster - the style, instrumentation (hardware/software both cool) etc. is totally up to you. To keep it interesting, each collaborator’s contribution should be significant (from about 20% to 80%).

When your track is ready, please share it through your chosen medium: Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube etc. Your track may also include a video if you so choose.

You can be involved in up to two entries, as long as they’re with a different person.

Nobody wants to let others down but sometimes life happens and you end up not having the time to follow through with your collab commitment. If that’s the case, please be honest and transparent with your collab partner.

With that being said, I really hope you people will find this challenge interesting and will find time to participate!

Deadline - THE LAST FINAL ONE - for submissions FRIDAY August 20th 2021

We then vote for one submission, the composer of which gets to establish the brief for next battle

Recording can be done in a DAW, a 4-track cassette recorder, a sampler, or any other recording support.
Technical achievement is not the point: the aim of open battles is to explore your instruments further, open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of collaboration, discover new sound design techniques, get a track done, and most of all have fun!


The brief is not very brief, I know, but the idea is simple enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, looking for someone to collaborate with! :wave: No longer looking.

PM me if you’re so inclined. For reference, here and here are some of my jams. All kinds of (moody) stuff really. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m only really at the beginning of my journey into this space but I’m loving it and would love to work with someone more experienced who wants more creative control. Exploring interesting sounds is great but I would prefer to steer away from things closer to noise or industrial. Just not my cup

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Nice idea! I’m currently on holiday so without access to my gear so won’t be taking part in this one, but interested to hear what people come up with :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, that sounds like fun!
I am open to join in and collaborate. Technoishambientschoolberlinyhophipstyled I am ready.


lovely stuff @korpinen

i’d like to collaborate with someone with an MD and throw a .syx file back and forth for a while.
if you have time and space for a song, patterns (and a few samples if UW user) direct message me with a pattern or two to kick it off.


Great idea ! This will also be a good opportunity to learn about various forms/modes of collaborating.

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I would love to make something with someone from my region, like @lyingdalai or @sezare56. Maybe some kind of “exquisite corpse” I don’t know

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Hooray, we’re a-go! Doing not one but two awesome collabs for this!

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to do collabs with numerous people here but for some reason I haven’t had the courage or excuse to ask.

Really hoping everyone who’s into this challenge will find someone to collaborate with!


What a super great idea! Love it!
I’m happy to collaborate and I’m willing to do any style… might be nice to take a break from my turbo ish

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Any MP3/WAV I post in “Current Sounds Coming From Your Gear” feel free to use. Just you know, give me some credit :upside_down_face:

I’ll try to post WAVs so it’s easier moving forward…

Not sure I have the time to “collab” but if you can use what I post in that thread go for it!

Example if you want to mangle this with an OT or load it up in your AR/DT:

Current sounds coming from your gear - #884 by selfup

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Yes. I’ll be busy but we can try. We also use other forums like Audiofanzine so it should match the rules! :content:


Are these open battles with just Elektron gear, or any gear?

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The last one was any gear but I guess it’s up to @korpinen


i’m up to collaborate with anyone interested. my stuff is kind of all over the place, but it might be interesting to try new styles.


Yep, any gear! Can also be/include software. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good!

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Love this prompt! :heart: :peace_symbol: Looking for a collaborator:

I’d like to offer myself as a performer to a composer. I’ll provide loops from my Matriarch and guitar (and some other instruments). You’ll structure these samples/motifs into a song. We’ll help each other throughout, working together on the idea of the song and possibly mixing & mastering as well.

That’s loosely where I’m at :slight_smile: bringing creative and fun energy to this! Send me a message if that sounds appealing to you, good-looking


Really hoping all you fine people who’ve shown interest find someone to collab with! Really warms my heart that so many people have felt this was something they might want to try.

One of the two collabs I’m involved in has already progressed quite a bit in just two days (the second one is well on its way too) and it’s such a welcome breath of fresh air to be working with other people. Like many here, I think, I’ve been doing a lot of music all by myself… Can certainly recommend this to anyone! :100:


I’ll do a collab with my friend @funkylsk.
Opened to other collabs as well, hit me up!

Edit: ok, I now have two projects, let’s finish them before starting another one ^^