Octatrack OS 1.30C is here

Octatrack OS 1.30C is now available for download. This is a bug fix release. Please refer to release notes for specific changes. [Head on over to Elektron.se and download today](https://www.elektron.se/support/)

Any problems with octatrack mk1 with newest OS?

List of changes from Octatrack DPS-1 OS 1.30B to 1.30C

Bug fixes

Fader position would sometimes not be stable on some MKII devices.

The device would sometimes report “UI NOT TESTED” at startup, and then respond incorrectly to keystrokes. Does not apply to MKII devices.


Damn. A day late. I returned my MK2 on Wednesday…


So no changes for Mk1 ?


Looks like a bug fix for an error message on MKI


No thats for Mk2


It says “does not apply to MKII devices”


Oh yeah, I didnt read it, just saw “mkii” lols
Still, domt think it will be worth the effort for mki


Maybe not unless you’ve seen the bug


I’m not concerned apparently.
Does it worth to update if you don’t have bugs?
Hard to make a sexy update after TRig Conditions for MkI ! :smile:
I hope it will solve main problems.


Since 1.30x Octatrack OS series - I have experienced several system freezes for no apparent reason. Not doing anything complex - basic seqs. I have reverted back to the 1.25x Octatrack OS.

I will do a more thorough trace of the steps which incur system freeze - over the next few weeks…


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I just updated to 1.30C today and I’ve gotten 2 freezes today. One while it was just sitting there not playing anything and another while I was playing MIDI notes in. This didn’t happen on 1.30B which I had on there since it came out until today when I upgraded to 1.30C :confused:


I still haven’t upgraded from 1.25H, I was just thinking about it but reading this I guess I’ll hold out a little more…
Conditional trigs don’t make up for conditional freezes… :slight_smile:


I didn’t have the issue on 1.30B…

I just realized my USB cable was still plugged into my MacBook Pro… oops

Known issues with macOS and USB that can cause a freeze:
Make sure to eject the device from macOS after using USB Disk Mode.
Do not exit USB Disk Mode on the Octatrack before the unit has been ejected.

Keep unit unplugged from a macOS unit when not in USB DISK Mode


Did you have your OT attached by usb when it froze?
Tying to decide if I should take the plunge or wait for D…

Introducing Octatrack MKII
Introducing Octatrack MKII

I’ve had no problems updating my Mk 1 to 1.30C and running it for hours. I’m not using the OT’ s midi at all, though.


Sadly - no. I experience the OT freeze untethered from the Macbook Pro.


not good!


I should clarify that on OT 1.30x I experienced several OT freezes and had to power cycle the OT, additionally the OT was NOT tethered via USB to Macbook Pro. Never experienced random freezing while on 1.25H.
Hope to spend some quality time with OT in the near future…