Octatrack OS 1.30C is here


I had mine plugged in still when it froze. I’ve since unplugged it and I’ll report back if it freezes again.
Prior to this I was running 1.30B without any issues. I was hammering it with tons of MIDI as well as sending a ton of MIDI along with plocked audio tracks.

Noteable changes:
1.30B to 1.30C
Left USB plugged into MacBook Pro
Used Conditional triggers

I’ll try to narrow down which of these caused the issue.


Since unplugging the USB cable I haven’t had any freezing.


Thanks for posting, i’ll try unplugging USB and see if i get less freezes… I’ve also been getting them since updating from 1.25 :confused:


It was definitely my issue. Haven’t had a freeze since unplugging.


Am I likely to lose anything upgrading my OT MK1 to 1.30C? Any known issues doing this upgrade?

Please let me know good people.



Hola @Honeysmack. Back up your work anyways just to be on the safe side.


hey Rusty, I have back-ups in triplicate!!.. comes with playing live for 25 years!!

But, I’m concerned my current project will not work or am I just being a fuckhead?


I know.

No, reasonable to be conerned. It’s happened before. I think I read about a couple of upgrade issues; but I’ve been really hectic lately; so haven’t looked into it.


mate, I’ll wait for you! I got a few shows coming up and will leave until you give me the :+1::+1:t3::+1:t5:

You are my OT spirit guide!


i upgraded recently and have been smooth sailing so far. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t wait for me. Like I said, I think I’ve heard maybe or or two people; but maybe not. It seems all good and you’d be waiting a while for me…



You gain conditional trig’s. Can’t not have that!


No issues from 1.25E to 1.30B. Older projects behave as usual.


thanks y’all, will proceed… conditional trigs awaits.


So be it, Alea Jacta Est, the die is cast.


Today I got my brand new OT MK2 with OS version 1.30D. The most current OS version on the Elektron website is 1.30C. Are there any informations/release notes about the changes between the sub releases C and D?


There is no information available about 1.30D. Elektron occasionally prepares a new sub-version with a new letter suffix and puts it on brand new machines. This could be an imminent-release bug fix version but more likely it just includes something like updated internal testing routines. Certainly no new features.


As mentioned, this letter variation wrt available/despatched OSs is not uncommon with Elektron. It needn’t convey any meaningful difference in comparison to the latest available for DL.


after a longer pause I had time to play with 1.30C and found the following bugs/strange behaiours:

When Im saving a new project I worked on and shutting the ot down, next time I start the OT and hit play, some of the tracks get overwritten with new recordings, because the OT placed some recording triggers and armed the tracks. I have to reload the project, manually remove the recorder trigs and disarm all tracks to continue.

when I load the Plate Reverb in a slot, it sometimes doesnt work, no reverb is heard when I turn on the mix knob. dark and spring reverb are working normal on those tracks and I can use plate reverb on other tracks.

is there a workaround for this?


Sure you didn’t place them before?
One Shots rec trigs are armed when you turn OT on, that’s normal.

About Plate verb, check plocked settings, FX Vol setting if any, eventually in FX page 2 (Edit : Check GVOL in page 2).

If you don’t want your recordings to be erased after saving, you can also use SAVE AND ASSIGN TO FREE FLEX / STATIC, instead of SELF. You can load them again in Recording slots anyway if there a saved with SELF.