Noob questions


Double stop sends all CC values. You can do it before play.

Don’t forget OT doesn’t send twice the same values. If last value was 20, it won’t be sent.
A workaround would be to send value 21 and 20 consecutively with 2 trigs, the 2nd one with - 23/384 microtiming.


Still could not achieve what i’m trying :thinking:

Let’s say i have a 16/16 pattern. Let’s say before i hit play, Midi CC1 is set on 50. The first trig of the pattern has a note and p-lock setting the Midi CC to 20 and other trigs / notes has nothing related to Midi CC1 p-locked.

When i hit play, the first trig / note will play on Midi CC1 20 (which is what i want). But as soon as the second note plays, it will play on Midi CC1 = 50 and so will all the next notes. What i want is, when a note change the CC1, this would be fixed from this note and the next ones, unless a forthcoming note has another p-lock setting a new value to this CC1.

But somehow it’s not happening. Is this possible ?

Thanks !


I see what you mean, OT behave like this. Why don’t you set default CC1 value to 20 ?
Maybe with an lfo? :thinking:
Can’t try now…


That’s just what i want, a way to set the default CC1 to 20 but not manually. I just want when a pattern X01 starts, every note from this pattern will be set to 20.


That’s normal OT behavior! You set CC1 manually, and all notes have the same values.
Maybe you want to recall that value after manual changes? > Part Reload, pattern with different part…


Sometime ago i noticed my OT came with an empty CF card (i’ve got it second hand), so all the factory sounds are missing. Where can i download it ?


Contact Elektron support.


Once I registered my OT, I had all of the factory sounds show up on on the Sound Packs page.


Problem is the registration page says :slight_smile:

" Registration of products temporarily closed
Due to maintenance work, registration of products is temporarily closed until the end of
January 2019."

I guess i can do nothing unless wait…


Well that sucks! Sorry to hear that.


So i know the crossfader (sadly) can’t be used on midi tracks. But i’m curious because some days ago i was monitoring the Midi data coming from my gear and i noticed the Octa’s crossfader send a lot of Midi data (in channel 1 if i’m not wrong) when moved. This means it could be used to control Midi CC on the midi tracks… why not ?


The fader outputs a single midi CC relative to its position. If it could send midi scenes, that would be 10x8 CCs, on top of 4x8 notes and 3x8 midi LFOs per step. Not to mention plocks. I think the designers determined that this volume of data could potentially crash external gear.


I have a trig with a midi note set to INFINITE length. How can i stop it to play in another pattern ? I tried to put a trig with a new note with a minimum length on the new pattern, but even with length equals 1, it will play for a fraction of a second…


Set a note with VEL = 0 (NOTE OFF).

With midi processors you can use the crossfader’s midi CC48 messages to map it to other CCs or any midi message. @guga’s Goliath is made for that.

Other applications :
Midi Processors with Octatrack


Wow, that’s clever, thanks :smiley:


In arranger mode, if you hit stop twice, the sequencer will go back to the first pattern in arranger. Is there a way to change this behaviour ? I want to avoid accidental stop-twice in a live situation… One accidental stop would be bad, but 2 would be terrible as it would go back to the start of the show :open_mouth:


This works for double stop in arranger mode too. :wink:

Or don’t stop at all and select a silent looping pattern (Arranger loop function).


Thanks for the idea, very clever again :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking about live situation. Currenlty i’m in the process of create music to eventually do a live show. I know i can’t load a new project in the Octa without stoping the sound, so i’m thinking if would be possible to create a giant project with all my tracks’ (maybe 8 or 10 tracks) patterns, with all tracks’ samples, midi dat and so on. Is there any limitation / issue i could go with such a big project ?


this will help keep the beats banging while moving along to new tracks

I don’t play out so i haven’t experimented with this, but it is kinda a big deal :smiley:


Sounds nice but i wonder if wouldn’t be easier just great a giant project, with all your tracks in sequence. If i’m not wrong, you can create 16 patterns x 16 banks = 256 patterns. Join this the conditional trigs and p-locks and we get hours and hours of music.

My only fear is if such a big project could cause some instability ; is there anybody with experience working this way ?