Noob questions


The most obvious limitation is RAM size. All samples for flex machines for all your songs needs to be in the sound pool at the same time (unless you want to change the soundpool on the fly which isn’t really practical). Add to this the maximum recorder buffer requirements of your songs and you may hit the RAM limit.

Another limitation are global settings, because all songs share the same global settings and reconfiguring on the fly isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee.

But beside these two limitations it should be as stable as with single song projects.


Still closed… that’s a long maintenance shut-down. Mt OT is still unregistered…


I’m in the process to make a live set with about 12 songs / 1 hour. To do so, i will create a big project on Octa, with one song per bank.

I use Octatrack as master and Rytm as slave. Octa sends program changes to Rytm , so when Octa goes to pattern A2, Rytm also goes.

This works very well until the moment i realized Octa has 16 banks but Rytm only 8. So if i want a project with 12 songs, one song per bank, some songs on the Octa have to share banks on Rytm.

And now is the problem : is there a way to ‘override’ the program change automically sent by Octa ? Let’s say i’m on pattern H16 and when Octa goes to I01 (Rytm has no I01), i want to specify which pattern Rytm should go, let’s say H10 instead of I01.

Any way to do this ?

Thanks !


Yes. Instead of the default correspondence between pattern numbers on the two instruments, you can set MIDI Program Change numbers in the Parts that are linked to your OT’s patterns.

However, there are only four Parts for each of the OT’s 16 pattern banks.

And, of course, there are still only 128 patterns on the AR.


About conditional trigs, i know i can program like 1:2, 2:4 and so on. But what if i want the trig to play in all patterns, EXCEPT the last one ? For instance, in a 4:4, i want it to play on 1:4, 2:4,
3:4 , but NOT on 4:4 ?


Not sure but something like that :
Silent trig with A:B, followed by a /PRE with -23/384 microtiming.


Thank you, i did not understand well but you gave me an idea : i could achieve what i was looking by doing the following :

1 - Mark all trigs on 4:4 as PRE with a upperline (these are the trigs i don’t want to play on 4:4)
2 - Put a green trig on the last trig of 3:4 with 4:4 condition.

Did the trick :smiley:


When in arranger mode, we can specify how many times a pattern should be played. Assuming i set to 4 times, is there a way to see where in this 4 repetitions the ‘cursor’ is current playing (2/4, 3/4 and so on) ?

If there isn’t, could be a really useful feature !


Great trick! I didn’t even think of using a green/trigless/whatever trig to force that condition.


Not sure if it corresponds to what you asked but :

With a one bar pattern :
Trig 1 = trigless, 4:4
Trig 2 = trig, /PRE, -23/384 Microtiming

The sample is triggered by the trig 2 for 3 bars, and not the 4th bar.


I use T8 as master. Is there a way to put more than 2 FX on it ? Can i use neighbour track on the master ?


Neighbor Machines affect the previous track. You can’t use Neighbor Machines on Tracks 01 or 05 as they have no previous track.

To have a Neighbor track for Track 08; you would need to put a Neighbor Machine on Track 09…


That’s what I do :slight_smile:


You can record T8 with T7 and play it with a Flex with fx (+1/384 microtiming).

This involves feedback, it works for delay, not for all fx.


Another approach, with this fx send technique you can use T7 as fx return and add T8 as Neighbor :
Octatrack Master Track 8 Send Effects


Why does 05 not have a previous track?


Because the Octatrack has 2 DSPs; one handles Tracks 01 to 04; the other Tracks 05 to 08


Don’t know I how I didn’t know that, interesting


Because T5 is obviously on the other side of the street. Can’t be neighbor with T4.

Here is an example with T1 and 3 Neighbors, T5 with 2 Neighbors, T8 being Master.


Since getting started in earnest last week, I’ve had limited success syncing external hardware to MIDI clock.

Seems as simple as enabling clock send in MIDI sync prefs, I just have there’s some sort of typical OT type best practice or common thing I’m missing. “Oh, OT doesn’t like Roland boxes on Tuesdays and doesn’t sync with anything red.”

Anything I should look out for?