Noob questions


So i just noticed if i copy a pattern from bank A (let’s say A1) to bank B (for instance B1), somehow the pattern is copied, but not the Midi channels ! I ended up with B1 with all the Midi channels empty. Is there a easier way without having to input each midi channel on each track ?


You need to also copy the part used for the first pattern and paste it onto the part the pattern copy is using… This only has to be done when pasting a pattern onto another bank, within the same bank it would by default use the same part, but each bank uses its own 4 parts not connected to the other banks…


Just getting into midi sequencing with my OT. So much I don’t understand, don’t even know what questions to ask yet :slight_smile:


Studying midi sequencing stuff on the OT now. Confounding and strange setup. I’ve done some crazy stuff so far, but I’d kind of like to know what’s actually happening instead of stabbing in the dark until it sounds good.
I’ll just be over here cussing at a manual if anyone needs me :slight_smile:


On the topic of OT and MIDI, @sezare56 suggested that I get a MIDI solutions event processor (the ‘plus’ version to be precise) to expand the MIDI sequencing capabilities of the OT. I managed to get one at a good price, but it is absolutely worth considering if you plan to use the OT for alot of MIDI sequencing, especially as it allows you to send program change messages on any step/trig. It lets you do a tonne of other stuff too, but this was the primary reason for me.


I’m mostly just sequencing my 0 Coast at the moment, but you know how that goes :slight_smile:
Not sure what the midi solutions box actually does but it sounds interesting!


This gives a pretty thorough overview. I haven’t delved into it too much, I was just stoked to be able to send program changes per trig to my synths. Easy enough to program even for someone like me with no idea about writing MIDI commands, the programming is done through a user friendly interface.


Do you know midi ? I think midi tracks is the easiest part of Octatrack, if you already know midi. Ocoast so notes only ? Or you want to control it with Control Changes (if possible) ?

First off all you have to set midi channel in MIDI NOTES SETUP. Set / play some notes. Done ! :sunny:

Arp page doesn’t seem difficult, lfo page is similar to audio track’s, setting CCs is a bit more awkward but once you did it several times it is not that difficult.


Ok, man. Been working with midi off and on since the 80’s…I have some idea about it. Not saying I don’t love the OT and I see huge potential in the sequencer. Seems really cool. I still find it just a little tough getting started. No big deal


Yep. Arp can be great with lfos. You can use lfo designer to vary its speed, randomize mode, arp Note Length, transpose and stay tuned with the key scale…If you set NOTE page Length to 0, notes are played as a chord, even if arp is on.


I use MIDI CCs a lot for control my synth’s parameters. Is there a way to define a default MIDI CC value for a pattern, instead of having to do it in the first trig ?

Example : Pattern A1 Midi CC 102 is 30, but when changing to pattern A2 the same parameter would be 50, unless i manually switch it live.


Yes with part change. You need a trig to make it effective.

I’d rather use plocks or live recording to set CC values. Eventually with a track with same channel and CC only.


I think i already asked this before, but i’m not sure…

Let’s suppose i have a Digitone slaved to the Octa, receiving midi notes, program changes and so on.

Let’s say i accidentally hit stop on the slaved Digitone while the Octa is playing. As far as i know, the only way to restart the Digi would be stop/start the Octa itself. Is this true ? Is there another way to restart the Digi in sync while the Octa is playing ?


You can get little boxes to do that; or code/build up your own one.


You can try to not accidentally hit stop and if you want to mute the digitone switch to an empty pattern, that way it’s still in sync and you can switch back to another pattern to start playing again…


Put a little cover over your Digitone’s stop button, like this:

Serious response: sometimes this happens to me; I usually just stop the sync source on the last beat of the bar and then press play again; this way it’s not too hard to get the timing right, and it acts as a nice little reset for the pattern if you have multiple track lengths cascading over each other. I guess it doesn’t work in all use cases, but it works for me!


Try this. After a while, you’ll be very careful and won’t need anything.


Very good ideas, thank you guys ! :smiley:


I know ERM Multi Clock doing this, but it’s pretty expensive.


Thanks but i still could not achieve what i’m trying. What i want is, when the song start, the CC1 of a Midi track always go back to 20. I tried this with a trigless p-lock, but it won’t change the ‘global’ CC1, only the one of this trig. To have the CC1 equal to 20, i’m having to manually turn it before i hit play. Is there a better / automatic way to make CC1 = 20 everytime i hit play on the song / pattern ?