Introducing Syntakt

We are delighted to announce the release of Syntakt, a 12 track drum computer and synthesizer. Analog and Digital synthesis. Drum and melody. In full fusion.

Enter a sonic metropolis with Syntakt. Where all your sound crafting, sequencing, and performance needs are fulfilled, in an all-round music mega box that fits in your lap. Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its four analog and eight digital tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too, giving you a musical melting pot with dozens of machines at your disposal. Experience epic sounds from the past, pulling others into existence from the future. And if you want to invite your other instruments to Syn City, they’re more than welcome. A MIDI machine can be assigned to any of the 12 synth tracks.

The streets of Syntakt are never-ending, the neon lights are never-dimming, its underground is fathomless. Discover worlds within worlds. Adore now. Explore forever.

Meet the machines

There are 35 sound-generating machines to call on, covering a wide range of drum and melodic sounds. Some machines have been reimagined from Analog Rytm and Model:Cycles, with deeper sound control for the latter, while others are entirely new to the world.

For you to create and personalize your sound, we’ve made sure you’ve got a set of parameter controls tailor-made for each machine. They let you quickly tweak the nature of each type of sound, showing you just the relevant options. Comprehensive without being overwhelming. Let loose with analog or digital overdrive, depending on the tracks you’re playing with.

The graphics more than play their part too, with plenty of animated icons offering visual guidance and extra clarity on how each parameter affects the sound. The joys of tweaking shouldn’t only be for the ears after all.

Special effects

Syntakt lets you route any of your synth tracks or external audio sources through the FX block. This gives you analog distortion and filtering, and a couple of LFOs to go to town with. Additionally, you can also call on Delay and Reverb as powerhouse send effects.

And all of the above effects can be sequenced with the FX track. Have them kick in at just the right moment. Add accents and dramatic changes to the selected tracks or external audio. Or use it as a master track for ducking and gating effects.

Modify the moment

Wield a little extra trig craft using the four modifiers, offering four varied levels of expression. Configure the first two modifiers to give you the retrig or velocity behavior you desire, and use the other two to access custom intensities of other parameters. They’re ready for action regardless of which synth track you’re using.

And the best bit is that they don’t just give you that extra playability fun in the here and now, you can also capture the moment by recording to the sequencer.

The keys to the city

Syntakt’s keyboard mode gives you a whole bunch of different scales to play with.

There are some familiar faces and some maybe a little less familiar for you to try out, helping you discover new places and taking things to another level.

Play across a single octave like on a piano keyboard. Or use fold, and have several octaves laid out in front of you.

Deep sound-shaping

Syntakt comes full of filter and envelope goodness. All tracks have a Multimode filter to put to use allowing you to emphasize different parts of your sound, with the digital tracks also able to call on Parametric EQ and a Base-width filter - an additional filter giving you even more sonic control.

Choose from two amplitude envelope types to define the ideal contour of your sound. Try out the ADSR envelope - for your wicked synth lines - or the simpler AHD envelope - perfect for transient percussive sounds.

All synth tracks have two full-featured LFOs with multiple waveforms and modulation destinations. Set your sounds in motion, subtly or harshly, rocking the amplitude envelope, volume, filter, synth engine settings, even the other LFO; pretty much any parameter you like. Then redefine space and time with a slice of reverb and delay.

Overbridge & Transfer

Syntakt has full Overbridge and Transfer compatibility. Both Overbridge and Transfer have been updated following Syntakt’s launch to welcome it to the family.

Check out the specifications and find out more here.

See the Syntakt launch video on YouTube.
Watch the Syntakt At A Glance video on YouTube.
Listen to sound examples from Syntakt on SoundCloud and at dublab.

Pricing & availability

Syntakt is available to purchase from the Elektron website or from retailers carrying the Elektron range of products. Pricing is 999 USD/999 EUR/849 GBP.

Syntakt special bundle

There are a limited number of Syntakt special bundles, only available when purchasing from the Elektron website. These feature two extra instrument cables to get you connected to your external gear, and a limited run Digi-sized drawstring dust bag. Grab it at while stocks last.


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Congratulations on the release! Just bought one and realised it came with a bundle :slight_smile: which was a nice surprise!


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