Syntakt +drive

Sorry, maybe I’m bad at searching, but while waiting for my package to arrive, I read the manual, and I haven’t seen anyone discuss that Syntakt has a 1GB +drive. The Digitone does not, at least I couldn’t find it in the manual.

Could it be that we get rudimentary sampling and/or looping capabilities down the line :))


You’re right that it’s not terribly easy to find, but the overlapping concerns of the actual size of the internal memory, why Elektron don’t specify it, and the related possibilities for sample playback, have been much discussed in other (sometimes general purpose) threads.


Maybe we need a dedicated thread, but asking (even politely) about the possibility of a simple sample playback machine seems to result in all sorts of reasons being given why it won’t happen.

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Hmm … I see it is in fact in the manual. Funny, because

which suggests the memory is only specified for devices that sample.

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That were my thoughts exactly. It’s right there in the manual. It certainly doesn’t need 1GB of storage, if it was never meant to store anything on it other than firmware.

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Might be technically possible but why should Elektron cannibalize it’s Digitakt or future sampler businesses?

ST sells obviously great without a ‘built-in DT’.

EDIT: A4, DN etc. store their projects and sounds on the Drive+

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True … but Elektron manuals are often made by cut’n’paste … so :man_shrugging:

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Well, a few things come to mind. It doesn’t have to do what the Digitakt does. It could for example support just a simple sample player on digital tracks, with few controls, more to layer sounds than full on sample manipulation. Or a recorder/looper. Those four M trigs could be great for setting different loop lengths or something similar.

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Let’s see if it’s fixed with next manual version :wink:

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Can’t deny I’d be very happy to see a simple sample player:

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I could see the Syntakt superceding the Digitakt if they added sampling.

If it was technically possible, there’d be no reason for them to continue selling the Digitakt since the price points are so close. But who would complain?

The presence of a +Drive does not imply the possibility of sampling. It’s slow, long-term storage.

If it doesn’t have the RAM to hold a decent amount of samples, then it’s not happening.

On this one point only, I don’t think that’s necessarily true, particularly if they were able to add sample playback only, perhaps even simpler than M:S, with pitch control and loop on/off.

On your other points, I have no idea about the size of the RAM and if I did I wouldn’t know how that impacted technical feasibility.

True, and if it doesn’t have the ADC converter for the audio inputs then sample playback would be it.

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t 2 or 4 MB unused RAM lying around right now. But they need to reserve space for future updates I’m sure.

Only they know the truth…

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Yes, but for recording and stem/loop playback… static tracks on the octa come to mind.

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I generally agree. Sample playback is probably not in the device.

However, if it offers a rompler vs sampling it just adopts model samples rather than actually cannibalizing digitakt, imo. The ability to sample on the fly is the Digitakt magic

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To my knowledge, only sample capable machines have a +Drive.

The exception is the M:C because I believe its exactly the same hardware as the M:S and use the same storaging concepts.

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I for one, never want to see any sample stuff in the Syntakt, I hate messing about with samples, and rarely use any.


it’s not cannibalizing sales when people just want new and flashy. DT is selling fine right now and when that slows down they might add some kind of samples/sampling to ST. Also they can add something new to DT which gives it a benefit over the other box. Why would they not capitalise if the box has the capability? It’s not like they can add sampling to the DT. Sure they could improve it but ‘now with sampling’ sounds a lot flashier than ‘now in stereo!’ Some companies lately have seemed to figure out that properly timed ‘cannibalizing’ can actually make them more money and I expect the practice will become more common. The new mpc line for example. And now elektron. I’d imagine if they’re built from the ground up on this idea it allows them to share parts, code etc saving significantly more money.

Maybe it’s just cheaper now to buy 1GB flash chips in bulk than to get smaller ones.


And, as pointed out above, the syntakt manual does specify the size of it’s +drive

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Coughs quietly