Lend us your ears

You are on fire. :laughing:

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I beg to differ … this thing is a sonic beast - waaaaaaaay more than the sum of its many parts … ymmv, but just wait before judging

It’s :heat:, literally :heat:


LFO’s to midi!

“A MIDI machine can be assigned to any of the 12 synth tracks, with four-note polyphony, LFOs and plenty more.”


If this had kits I’d be all over it. I’m done with the ‘pattern-per-song’ paradigm though.

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Hope the Tuna show makes sense now - there are RED trigs AND there are Salmon/Tuna/Pink trigs … gotta get the lingo straight from the get go

flamed tuna through that AFX bus :heat:

It’s here!


So the Analog part is the Rytm engine ?

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It would have been WAY better with a pair of cue outputs instead of the inputs. I’ve enough inputs with the other Digi boxes, but there is no way to rout external effects to just some track, which is really important when you want effects in your melodic tracks and not in drum tracks.

Noise generator confirmed!

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Sorry but the demos sound kinda generic and the featureset looks boring as hell. It’s 8 model:cycles tracks with a few added features, the bottom row on the Rytm and the Rytm master section, but without any samples. I want my 16 assignable LFOs dammit.


Super excited about this but am I going to get stung with customs ordering through Elektron and shipping to UK? I know some shops include the VAT and stuff at source so possible just import duty?

Analog distortion and filter on the FX block, nice.

The 4 modifiers that you can record in look like a nice addition.

Midi track LFO-to-cc loopback?

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Curious if the all the machines are p-lockable also the analog ones.

so. where are the review videos?

Things I’m stoked for:

FX track with stereo analog filter and distortion with sequencing

Trig modifier macros (like additional sequencing overlays that can be brought in/out whenever)

Midi out machines with LFOs assignable to any of 12 tracks.

Supposedly “new” machines

Overbridge… might actually get me to use it

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So now the question is where did those sample based sounds in the dublab demo come from? Remember :point_down:

All tracks produced exclusively on …

Awesome. But where the heck are the synthboobers?

Things from Rytm, maybe tweaked, and an analog master bus with awesome new filters, a vca and drive, all with performable routing & pre and post AFX sends for the rev/delay

Lots of analog goodness and boy does it work