Model:Cycles Feature Requests Thread

Copy/Clear/Paste of single and multiple patterns in Pattern select mode

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Merge pitch knob data with note data (change note values with pitch p-locks)

  • Maybe i’m missing something about the synthesis engine but i don’t really get why that isn’t a thing in m:c. Separate knob for note would make programming melodies a bit more easy, and the things you could lock with data knobs would be reduced to just two entries (note length and velocity) which could be locked without pushing the knob.
    It could work like [TRIG] + LEVEL/DATA = length lock;
    and [TRIG] + [FUNC] + LEVEL/DATA = velocity lock perhaps.
  • If the parameter slides were a thing, note sliding would be a really easy thing to make if note value would be the same as pitch value.

Control all except:

  • Could be very cool if you could choose the tracks you want to group control. Maybe [TRACK] + [T1-6] would exclude the pushed track from the controlled group, but this keycombo is already used to choose active track.
  • Btw if pitch data was note data that would be equal to track transposition. Maybe even [TRACK] + [TRIG] would allow for quick transposition.

Step recording mode:

  • [RECORD]+ [STOP] to enable step recording;
    [TRIG] keys are the keyboard, [FUNC] + [TRIG] = jump to step,
    LEVEL/DATA = step jump dial, [FUNC] + LEVEL/DATA = keyboard octave change.

looking at all that whine makes me think i’ve picked the wrong device lol. But honestly i really like the m:c! it’s workflow is very fast and hands-on, it’s simple, and it sounds pretty cool. But i wish so much it was just a bit less drum focused. A man can dream i guess…

I think the work around for this is to P-Lock all the parameters you want to stay the same when you do a control all change. For example if you want the Kick to stay the same while everything else gets crazy, just p-lock whatever you think you’ll change up. it’s been a while since i’ve done this so i can’t recall if it does work, but that’s maybe your best bet.


Yeah that’s pretty much the only way to lock parameters from being altered with control all

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It would be cool if we could have the current track’s sound be protected against changing when the pattern changes. For leads and such.

Would it be better if it was a held button combo or a toggle?

Dear santa,
I wish an arpegiattor, a filter, an other incredible machine (saw-like ?), an other LFO, and velocity destination for the LFO. And the possibility to change the standard lenght and velocity of note in grid mode :smiley:


Can we have the two syntakt machines “SY TOY” and “PC CARBON” ported to the model:cycles please.

Those two (unlike some of the others on the syntakt) look like they have just 4 macro parameters that would fit nicely on the M:C. (Respectively, FORM, IMP, BRIG, PART and SWEP, INHM, MOD, MENV)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ooops, I think PC CARBON may be a straight copy of M:C’s perc machine.


Don’t forget Vintage Snare!

I thought the PC CARBON machine was close to PERC, is it not?

edit: OH AND CLAP, how could I forget.


Possibly, but the “inharmonicity” parameter sounded like it was something different … the name of that parameter gave it an MI plaits vibe.

EDIT: You seem to be right … inharmonicity is straight from the M:C perc machine.


Well damn!
Syntakt: Hold my beer…

A comprehensive flow chart to help you figure out whether or not you should upgrade to Syntakt.


I don’t want anything but for the retrig to follow the quantization settings - or just be on grid regardless. Having a roll fadein is very difficult now. I think I may even send a neutrally worded letter to Elektron about this.


p.locked paramaters are excluded from CTRL ALL change…so you can easily exclude trig from being affected

Manage songs chains, edit chain of patterns, store and recall by midi.

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paramenter randomizer and LFO to cylce the Machine engine would be cool!


Duty cycle of the LFO’s square wave. Maybe with a combo FUNC + LEVEL to choose %.
If we want to go further then we can set it as Dst of the LFO itself

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as bibenu said, SY TOY would be great!

EDIT : after some thoughts (and getting the syntakt…) i was wrong thinking about SY TOY on the M:C
looking at the wipeout style design of the machines logos, i understand that the machines are the identity of the cycles and it won’t suit it to add more.

i take the opportunity to say that i would love: preview trig!


That’s a clever idea :star_struck:

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  • Some kind of note glide/portamento menu

  • Omit track(s) from Control All function or set certain tracks to respond to a percentage of the Control All

  • Negative Feedback to give Ping-Pong delay, with a menu to edit its parameters maybe?

  • the Syntakt clap engine :pleading_face:

  • the Syntakt Toy engine :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

  • Another style of Punch engine we can swap between per track

  • An extra LFO that can be used globally OR the ability to steal an unused LFO from a neighbor track

wishful thinking :'3

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Please give us a musical scale functionality on the chromatic keyboard or when dialling in notes. Most modern grooveboxes have this feature and it is such a time saver and creativity booster.