How to config NRPN on CC SELECT page?


Hei decided to start a new topic, as a follow up to the thread: Midi out midi in how to? (How to control audio track from midi track?) Hope thats ok with the moderators…

So I have questions about how to send NRPN messages to ext devices…
I was trying to p-lock waveform on my bass station 2 with no success:

So the BS manual describes the waveform select like this on the midi page:
OSC 1 waveform – NRPN – 0:72 – sine, tri, saw, pulse

So I just read on wiki that I should send a pair of CC values so would that be CC#00 and CC#72? But I am not sure there is a CC#00 on the digitakt (?)… I was just trying to send CC72 with no response…
And when I send the two CC#, then which should carry the modulation?

I didn’t understand why you mention there should be 4 CCs per NRPN parameter @void, could you please clarify?

Also, there is no information on how to set up NRPN on Digitakt Manual @eangman, besides how to turn on/off, maybe there should be some tiny note on page 44 [12.5 AMP PAGE (CC SELECT)] for us noobs?

Thanks guys, and sorry for the noob confusion!

Digitakt Unofficial Guide

you’re in luck, got a BS2 sitting right here at the moment… will get back to you in a few


Thanks @void!!!


ok lol got carried away… borrowed the Bass Station from a friend and just hooked it up today ;D

so what you wanna do is set up the midi cc destination page like so:

NRPN is a sequence of 4 CC messages, 99 and 98 indicating which parameter you want to control, 6 and 38 is the value you wanna use.

both the 99/98 pair and the 6/38 pair have 2x7 data bits… this stuff is made like that so you can control a ton of parameters with high resolution.

ok on the CC values page, do it like so:

the 0/72 is your waveform parameter, and the 1 is the actual value. In this case you can use 0-3 there. All you have to do is p-lock that value… also works with LFO!

For changing the BS2 osc waveform, you can ignore the 4th CC message (data entry LSB) since there are only 4 waveforms to choose from… this is only used for high-resolution parameters.


@void AH ok now I got it! THANKS SO MUCH VOID! really grateful for your detailed response! :slight_smile:

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so, a thing if you want to sequence multiple different NRPNs in parallel from different tracks. E.g. if you want to sequence OSC1 waveform from track 1, and OSC2 waveform from track 2.

you have to p-lock the NRPN MSB/LSB parameters on each step, so that DT sends the entire sequence (meaning the 4 CC messages, or in this case 3) correctly. Otherwise the target device doesn’t listen to the correct parameter:

DT sends only values which have actually changed, and it doesn’t test for changes across multiple tracks.

But you can easily switch to a different NRPN parameter within a single track! Just p-lock the NRPN MSB/LSB values. This is pretty cool actually, since it allows you to p-lock a target parameter - not possible with normal CCs :slight_smile:



Can anyone with a Yamaha AN200 check if it is possible to change the drum sound pitch over NRPN,
I tried to set this up but has not had it work yet


What did you try so far?


hi Void,
thanks a lot for your suggestion, so i solved how to control the oberheim matrix 1000, but trying to control another parameter i don’t have same result.
Applying your details on screenshot for example i control with midi cc 21 vcf, but if i try to add some other midi cc in another track with same initial nrpn impostation , put another midi cc for adsr…ever move filter !!
Can you tell me anything!!
in anycase thanks


Forgive me if i am dumb, but why use 6/38 for the value? I thought it was supposed to be 8/38? Again, not too well informed, so please feel free to explain why I am wrong.


the 99 / 98 / 6 / 38 are fixed - it’s the sequence of controller identifiers which make an NRPN message… not sure how to easily explain this… but check here for instance:


Ah I had previously read it was 8/38, which might have been an error on that author’s part. Thanks


thanks a loooot for this info !!! i would ask one thing:
i use this for control for example matrix 1000 cutoff…ok . But if i need to control another parameter at the same time how can i do? Another track …or?
Many thanks
All the best


Tite thread!


Hi, I’m a noob to all this. Why would you need high resolution control for a parameter that has so few settings? Why wouldn’t a CC value work for changing the waveform?


I don’t understand that either, but apparently that was a decision that made sense when Novation was programing the synth…


Cant wait to get home and see if i can get to control my electribe er1 from the Digitakt :slight_smile:


Got home and couldnt make It to work :confused: anyone would give me a hand?


Would you care to elaborate what are you trying to do? What have you done, why it didn’t work?