Hip hop made with the Digitakt



This is my first post. I have been using the digitakt for about a month now and i think it has huge potential in spite of those irritating bugs. I usually make hiphop or edm type of grooves. Here’s my beat and hope you like it.



Who else here is wanting to sequence some hip hop/trap type music on the Digitakt?
or any other Elektron Device for that matter.

Here is proof you can :heat:


i write a good amount of hip-hop with the monomachine. I got a digitakt on the way which im hoping should integrate nicely into a hip-hop workflow.




dope, yea I am determined to help Elektron break out of the Techno Only Stigma




Holy shit! Keep this thread going. Some amazing tracks here that put a smile on my face.


I’vedone a few hiphop beats of the many I’ve done since I got my DT. I’m loving the workflow but a slice function would make it next level



And my newest


Just improvising with a beat I made then I take a journey into the machine with live PLocking.


Sick track!


Everyone’s making ill beats in this thread, right on!!!


my triphop track with some Diggi tricks listed for live performance:


LETS GOO!! Keep Uploading more Videos/Tracks


On the break beat instrumental tip


I made some hip hop inspired sounds recently

Self generating pattern with the elektron digitakt ~~~~~~

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how did you program the kick drum on this track, or drums in general if i may ask? sounds cool : )


the zoom 70 cdr between the sample source and the digitakt might be a good way to avoid that. the zoom has great eq’s aside from all its other features… just a thought. very cheap and effective:) . good work.


Here’s the first Hip-Hop beat I made when I got my 'takt:


I wanted to make a video showing my SP1200/MPC friends that you can definitely turn out some proper Boom Bap on the 'takt should you so desire.



Very nice!


This is a chilly hip hop beat i made with some randomized Minilogue sounds.
The Digitakt has so many tricks for complex patterns on board but i tend to make simple beats with it.
Loving this machine but still wish it had some nice soft pads though.