Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]

sorry - that wasn’t aimed in response to your post at all, was more talking generally about what tends to kick off argument. Am absolutely in favour of people playing nice.

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Haha a post about reading posts properly by a mod who didn’t read a post properly lol

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yeah fair enough - I wasn’t even convinced it was a reply to me tbh except the “thread longer” aspect - sorry 'bout that - as you were !

fwiw re topic : it’s a given (and official comment) that resolving OB is top billing, so it’s fair to assume no amount of acrimony shared amongst ourselves or reminders to Elektron will hasten that along - I’m as disappointed as the next person about the delay, the broader impact and handling of it but I have confidence the Elektron guys are doing their best and this is just a waiting game - from my perspective making it work properly is a binary thing, it either does or doesn’t, so perhaps we can assume for now it doesn’t and resolving that is proving challenging - I very much doubt the delays are to do with secondary things such that a beta release could be shared whilst the finishing touches are completed - who knows - but we can aim to keep it civil/focussed/flag-free/constructive here - inc venting which for sure may be constructive for some

I agree, people shouldn’t flag, especially me. :slight_smile:

This is a third party midi app. Doable for all Elektron gear. :wink:
Strangely I prefer knobs.

indeed, i’ve already ckecked digitouch and so on …
but the whole package is impressive and shows it‘s possible!
just a question of time …

I agree & I apologize for my part in going off topic. I think a big reason it goes off topic is because there is nothing more to say about the topic (IMO)… at least until there is an update on OB.

Below are a few threads on how people are using the Digitakt without OB. If you haven’t seen them & you’re looking for options or ideas check them out. The last 2 threads are just Digitakt productions, but if you’re down about no OB, they might inspire you.


That’s what I think too. Until next status update you mean ? :content:


Well, this week the arguments started to come back like in the last status update thread, which shows that everyone’s patience is being tested by the lack of OB, but more importantly the lack of news. It’s been almost one month with a complete lack of news from elektron. Usually even a soundpack or an interview would show up in the meantime, but not now.

If I had to make a wild guess, I’d say that they’re weeks or days away from releasing OB and they’re holding their breath until it’s out.

Also on Elektron’s website it shows no more upcoming events (apart from the current event in barcelona), so I guess we’ll atleast get news soon.

Hmm now I want to do the same… Although I know it would be a sidestep for me. True bonding with my instrument is something that I value deeply.


Guys…its summer! Vacation time!

Well, companies don’t just close in summer though. That would be a seriously questionnable business model. :wink:

What are the features of OB that people “need” the most?

individual outs for me. i dont really care about much else. If DT had individual outs it would be absolutely perfect for me.

As of now im having alot of fun putting together great jams.

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Yah, I think that’s the one that I could use the most too. Most of the others I can work around quite easily. The others, I don’t need. We kind of got sample management with the updates already. I don’t need VST/AU, I just set up multiple tracks in Ableton to MIDI to DT…probably get more control that way (in some ways) anyway.

Elektron pretty much does. They usually have an announcement that they are away for a couple of months in the summer and support is slower than usual. As it is already June, OB developers are probably on vacation too.

We get it, you don’t care about OB :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder why people who don’t care about overbridge keep posting in the thread called “Status update on Overbridge”, and telling people who care about overbridge not to post about overbridge…


Its like a train wreck. You dont want to look…but you just cant turn away.

Its almost like asking…why would someone who has sold all their elektron gear keep posting on the elektron forum. Hmmmmm :confused:


Haha. Welcome to Sweden. We close so hard over summer, it resonates across the world😊