EP-133 Tips and Tricks

Share your knowledge on the EP-133


Punch in FX is hold fx and press a pad.

Keep holding Pad. release the FX button.

While holding the punch in pad you can play the free pads

Release punch in pad to play normally.


You can edit sounds while the scene is playing.
Trim, envelope, time stretch etc


You can change patterns individually but also in combination (A+B, A+C+D etc)

Hold any combination of A B C D and hit + or -

OR type the number of a specific pattern to jump ahead or back in the list of patterns.


There’s already a thread Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II - #1694 by shigginpit!

Sorry, you’re totally right to make a separate tips/users thread away from the noise


If this isn’t allowed I can delete it.

I think this thread is a good idea. The OG KO2 thread has as many posts (justifiably) about #Fadergate #speakergate #flimsypackinggate #gategate as tips and tricks.

It would be great for folks to be able to just find answers, tips, etc str8 away so I hope folks with working units come and contribute.


That was my intent :nerd_face:

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Well unless it is modded away, I will be contributing what I learn here once I get up to speed. Thanks again :pray:t4:

Hopefully, the homie @schoolbabyboy pulls up. He really dug in and got after it off top. So I’m sure he has plenty of tips and tricks in his bag. Particularly interested in how it pairs with SP404 and other devices/SW to workaround lack of resampling, song mode, etc.


Can you also try if LOOPER works while doing this?

holding a punch fx, and playing the looper length, location?
That would be dope

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You can!

You can use the punch in fxs or switch and tweak the master fx.

turn on Loop (shift+loop)

hold FX and hold pad (punch in)------let go of FX while still holding pad use + or - to move the loop. let go of pad. rinse repeat for another punch in. the loop stays on.

You must hold FX to change master FX and turn the dials. When you let go of FX, the loop turns off.

All fader functions work while in the loop. add a filter and change the pitch.

Switch between groups and play the pads to jam with the loop


COOL! Nice!

ill try to post some of my favorite tips in the next couple days, got a few projects taking up my free time. thanks for bringing me on in here @KingMidas


bro your sp404 and ep-133 video was next level

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ayy thanks homie. im thinking im gonna try doing some more vids, longer whole process ones and trimmed down The Kount inspired beat videos. mostly just want to use my tunes for something else, i used to do lots of video editing and always enjoyed the process so figure some more jam videos would be a fun way to extend my tunes’ shelf life


Can anyone confirm if the parameters (level, pitch, fx, etc) are saved per scene ? I’m not home right now so I can’t experiment. That would be dope because that means that we could use the commit function to save the current pattern, move to a new one then having fun tweaking the parameters and destroying the sound then revert by deleting the current scene.

just watched Jorbs video and he says they are not saved per scene, but i saw someone else mention in the other thread that fader automation is saved per scene so you could automate some fader changes to achieve that


just off the top, I think fader position is tied to the group. so project wide. They call this the virtual fader. the fader position will effect all your patterns and therefore your scenes. A scene is just a holder for four specific patterns.

You can record fader automation to the pattern in order to lock in settings.

It’s tricky though, because in order to rec automation the fader must be moving for the EP has something some input to record. using shift+fader for fine adjustment might be beneficial here

Once you get your automation right you can commit. This just makes a new scene with a copy of each pattern. Now you can delete that automation and create more. Commit. Rinse repeat.


Thanks guys ! I guess there’s no easier way to achieve a “reload pattern” like with the Elektron machines ?

There is one stage of undo.

There is also a virtual fader reset. I havent dug deep into utilizing it. But it resets all faders to default–uneffecting the automation.