Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II

ahhahaha never has a more appropriate song choice been made in the history of youtube.


I can wait have better sampler anyways with Octatrack and SP 404 MK2.

I’m getting hyped up here!


I think if you started a “gear drops” channel you’d have 100k people following that thing within like 3 weeks. The cost to maintain such a channel would be quite excessive, however.


Sounds like the next viral TikTok trend. Someone is going to do it. For the sake of instruments worldwide it won’t be me.

It would indeed be best captured in shorts, but I’m thinking first you drop it, then you jam on it for 5 or 7 minutes, then you end it with a merciless drop from the 15th floor and see what happens when you try to power it on. Good way to keep people watching til the end.


Their money actually increased in value. AUD is now stronger against USD than it was before, which is why they got less back on the refund.

for what it’s worth (presumably nothing), I “dropped” (tripped over the USB cord) my Syntakt a half year ago on a hard wooden floor (not on the face) and the case was a little bend. Bent it back with a racing heart over the edge of the desk. Never had any issues with it.


It happens to some of us mortals. Glad it was ok tho. “Half a year later” sounds like you’re in the clear to me.:ok_hand:t4:

I’m looking hard at Syntakt. Seems like for many Syntakt or Octatrack would be the best first device to get the best Elektron experience.

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I also (as old people do) fell asleep making a beat on the couch and my digitone (from not very high up) presumably rolled off my lap and onto the rug. It was on the ground when I woke up and also fine, but it dislodged a heavy piece of dust from some inner corner onto the inside of the screen bezel and I’ve been too lazy to open it up and clean it out. It bothers me every time I see it though :angry:


Thanks @KingMidas for the feedback on build quality. It’s hard to tell without holding it. It looks like OP-1 quality in pictures, which it obviously isn’t at its price point. Have you tried any of the Sonicware Liven gear? Is the 133 build similar to that or better?

I don’t recommend this unless you are very determined and disciplined. Its a beast that takes work to get comfortable with. Syntakt is a great starting point.

I ordered a EP-133 from Amazon on the release day and it says delivery will be Dec 8-19 :confused:


I haven’t experience with Sonicware yet but I’ll let you know in a couple of days. I just found this listed in my area and made an offer.

But I don’t want to put people off about the quality of materials used in KO2 which seems like some are conflating with how well they were assembled…or built.

The materials are fine, especially where price is concerned. I wouldn’t say Roland used better materials or plastic with say the latest Aira S1 which retails for $200 or any of the other devices in that series. They were clearly put together exponentially better. Evidenced by no widespread reports of broken devices — that weren’t even dropped or damaged by user.

I think KO2 is a load of fun and brilliant design. Plastic is fine. Just should have been put together better from packaging to speaker to fader. There are a few other things I’d like to see improved but they have more to do with me and my preferences.

Thanks @randy909 :pray:t4:. I’m going to be patient and continue learning from the rest of your experiences with Elektron. It’s one of the chief reasons I joined after stalking for awhile. However, so far, the Elektron devices seem soooo polarizing even amongst the user base. Hard to tell where the best start point should be.

Where I imagine my first Elektron to fit in my workflow is rhythm based. Needs to be groovey, sampling is definitely key, drums, swing, sequencing, etc.



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Hmm, people have their preferred babies but I don’t take it as polarized. Personally, there are exactly 0 Elektron machines I wouldn’t love owning. Just choose one that appeals to you or one you can find a good deal on :laughing:

Edit: FWIW, I started with the models and went up from there. Can’t go wrong starting small.

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Big Money!


I don’t know about you, but I’m on the edge of my seat! Results shortly😛

Edit: No sticky keys, speaker works, but NO FADER!!!


Like @randy909 mentioned, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. I started last year with a Digitakt, but now have just Syntakt and M:S. I would not mind owning any or all of them.


Ordered same day, few hours from release.

Still no shipping notification.


I don’t mean polarizing in a bad way. I think it’s a great thing actually. Folks are really passionate about Elektrons and there are sub groups of folks who love/hate different models.

I know that all of them have their strengths and weaknesses so trying to be patient and consider context. Watch videos. Listen to music made by them. Read about workflows…

Anyways, apologies to OP for derailing again…. I’ll find the appropriate threads to pick your collective brains concerning Elektron.

Back to KO2. :facepunch:t4:


Damn this workflow is butteryyyyyyyyy.

Love to build patterns with the commit.

The loop just keeps going. You can edit sounds on the fly.

No screen. Or waveforms. Muah!