Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II

Exactly… and no worries, not scientific by any means. just interesting considering the user base of this forum.

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I need to make a song with this title…


Does the Digitakt have this ability? I never back mine up because it has enough internal storage for me.

A non-owner’s take, but I’ve been reading along since release for both this thread and the one on Modwiggler.

From the discussions here and elsewhere it seems evident that:

  1. TE created a fun and creative sampler that lots of folks are using to make excellent music with.

  2. TE’s quality control has been sub-par, both on the hardware and software side. On the hardware side can speculate whether that’s a problem with damage during shipping (TE admit as much), a bad batch of faders, etc. but there are clearly higher rates of failure than would be considered acceptable (the reports of folks who have tested two units, both with failures, is pretty strong evidence of this high rate, assuming approx independent sampling). There also seems to be a software bug that is causing folks to lose their work entirely in some cases, which seems particularly problematic.

There seems to be a bit of a tendency in the discussion here (by no means everyone, but it’s a common undercurrent) to only embrace either (1) or (2) above. I guess that’s human nature, but one of the reasons I enjoy Elektronauts is because it’s typically filled with more nuanced and insightful commentary than many other sites.

It seems like lots of good feedback and techniques are getting buried amidst the reports of dead faders, software issues, shipping problems, etc. I wonder if it would be useful to branch of another thread for “EP-133 quality and bug issues” or some such?

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There’s already another thread for tips and tricks. This one is mostly for reporting issues and complaints now.


For people looking for techniques, there is a Tips & Tricks thread.


The most surprising news surrounding KO2 for me is how many people actually buy that this is just a packaging issue lol


Jaded Fader?

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TE bucked the usual MO of QC/Engineering to get this out the door with their flavor of style…

Where they are feeling the pain is a result of the following decisions:

Fader equipped devices typically have fader caps that protect from down and side to side force, avoiding flexing of the shaft.

Fader equipped devices also don’t use mismatched fader caps that require more than a 1lb amount of force to mount to their post. Did they really mold this part in house and deem this acceptable or just whiffed on the LEGO order?

Speakers are usually soldered to their connector board rather than a separate part that requires an accurate pressured connection to work. Shipment alone broke that connection?

Most gear comes fully assembled from the factory unless sold as diy

Most gear has packaging that protects against the most sensitive parts


And that doesn’t cover the screen issues, sticky pads, memory wipe, pads in the wrong order among other whacky stuff reported all over the internet from here to Reddit.

I relate and empathize with these folks even though I (my wife) was able to track down 2 working units a day after launch at my local Guitar Center. Which is particularly valuable because I get until Feb to test. I can return for full refund or exchange any time between now and then.

No way in Hedes I’d ever order anything from TE online. Not from them, not from anywhere. If I can’t return/exchange it today, no cash from me.

I can’t make a comment without reiterating how happy this lil guy makes me though. I’m a very dismissive man so when I cancelled my initial order I was over it. So glad my wife bought them. Hopefully it all ends well.

Perhaps we get a faster update to make up for it all?lol. I know, not at all likely but a man can wish.


There is one piece of evidence everyone seems to be overlooking, and perhaps it is simply that TE customer service is looking to achieve new standards of excellence, but Elektronauts has hosted discussions of many new TE products, and this is the first time anyone from the company has ever showed up to do damage control.

Whatever that means, specifically, we don’t know. But generally, it points to awareness of an issue and the need to address questions and concerns. If I’m wrong and this has happened before (other than the time “the man” showed up on a personal note to discuss how he worked on the monomachine etc. and how elektron as a company changed) please correct me.


How many orders are wrapped under a tree right now waiting to be opened?:cold_face:

I think there might be some smoke in the city if tons of people pull Ko2 from under the Christmas tree only to find a raggedy fader.:weary::man_facepalming:t4:

Couldn’t be my kids. Them lil mfs would need me to whoop somebody’s ass. “Daddy we need blood”. Just being honest. My kids are different lmao


For what it’s worth, I ordered two. One from GC, one from TE. The GC one came in a couple days ago and the fader was broken. I returned it. The TE one arrived this morning and the fader is broken.

So, of the two I’ve bought, both had broken faders. Any one expecting TE orders that have shipped recently not to be broken should prepare themselves for disappointment. They’re obviously going to ship out everything they have and then deal with the return logistics later.


No Mr Bond you are expected to record them :laughing:

J/K 9 projects does seem a bit restrictive if wanting to do a liveset. I guess for finished tracks the idea is to track them out into a DAW/recorder. I hope to see project backup implemented into the app too.


Crap… mine is not fully on if it goes that low.

Just pushed it down a bit more and I can still see the space between the plastic fork looking thing.

Might just live with it like that. Doesn’t seem to loosen up.

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Yeah, i was giving this some thought as well. I wonder how robust the framework is regarding memory. I would hope that the web app has a road map and part of that would be a projects tab in the Web App browser that could store all the relevant mapping for the sounds, tracks, scenes etc.

while im at it i also want to be able to make Kits in the Web App. This way i don’t have to load sounds i use all the time, individually, every time i start a new project or group.

There has to be something in the pipeline or else were going to have to delete projects which just seems wrong.


Seems a backup is coming


This is a YouTube video that was made from another YouTube videos comment section. Grasping away at straws right now.

I just find this funny.


I haven’t experienced it yet but I’m nervous. The broken fader is one thing to deal with.

But I don’t understand why everyone is glossing over the units with the CPU issues. The hard resets. Wiping everything from memory. Those need to be addressed and looked at by TE. Is it a batch of bad cpus like the faders ?
The guy in the video above doing the speculation who fixed his fader, he has the hard reset happening. So he desoldered and re soldered the fader to possibly have a cpu issues that are no longer covered under warranty.

Hopefully TE address these things. Being part of the first run with a working unit, there’s this feeling I’m I part of a 30 day recall to inevitably happen …?


Well speak of the Devil!
I think were all collectively thinking the same thing here. Hope it comes sooner rather than later.