Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II

FFS… do they ship them from Mars?
I’ve had stuff coming in DAYS from the other side of the globe…

Have you spoken to the store directly to confirm stock will be arriving? I picked up from somewhere in this thread, or might be making it up, that the second batch should be around 8th December.

Only the samples come from Mars.


Also… I got a reply (before I got the tracking number) saying “It’s shipped”.
I’m no native speaker, but for me in English, SHIPPED means the damn thing is in the truck, or ad literam on a cargo ship.

Checking a box in a dashboard marking an order “Shipped” and creating a courier label is not shipping.

God dammit, I should’ve stuck with Thomann. they initially said 1 week, then they sent them right away. My friend from Italy has 2.

Now I need to ask him nice to send me his second one. I bet it’ll arrive sooner than the one from TE :frowning:


How do folks feel about another thread dedicated to working KO2’s? I’d like to explore getting to know this cool little device, tips and tricks with others who have working units without sifting through the very justifiable complaints (which includes a few of my own).

I certainly think this thread should continue to give voice to those expressing their experiences with faulty ones, shipping, initial impressions, etc.

Just a thought. I’m still fairly new around here so would prefer a more veteran member do the honors if agreeable.


I tried to start one a couple days ago

but yeah, not sure of the customs and norms around these parts


They wrote on their newsletter today:

“As far as we know this will be our only shipment before Christmas. Most are already ordered but not yet all of them. Don’t sleep!”

Tried sampling the input through the FX.
You can listen to the input going through the FX while you sample, but
the recording ends up dry.

I don’t “need” this any faster than they are shipping, but it would have been nice to know the time it would take before I had already paid. These things are not that hard to get right😑

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as simple as that

Yay, my tracking started moving. EST: December 6th. Right on St. Nicks day :partying_face:

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I’m kind of confused about all the people cancelling their orders due to others having broken faders and saying they’re gonna wait… but wait for what? The only evidence that TE ever revised hardware on an existing design is when components ran out for the OG-1 and then they did some tweaks to the pocket operator modular circuitry to help with power issues maybe?

But op-z’s have been bent from the start, double triggers all around. OG-1 i/o board constantly failing, etc.

I mean I get it that logically you would think that if you were running the company you would notice all the fader and speaker failures and revise your parts list… I just have never seen much evidence of this kind of behavior in the past from TE.

So then I was wondering if everyone cancelling their orders before receiving them to see if something is broken- do you all know something about TE that I’m missing?


My guess would be that the packaging will be different and hopefully more robust after the limited edition packaging runs out.

But it’s not all shipping related. Things have gone wrong after it arrived in working condition.


I would guess that it still is shipping related. That can happen.

10 to 1 you would have said something in this thread if yours arrived not fully functional or became faulty afterwards. But yeah, a different thread for those who have no issues is also understandable.


I think one can trust each other…for me the fadergate caught my attention because I’ve ordered from TE and therefore immediately stopped watching reviews and any info about it. If they’d ship it out I think there would be no problem or at least a nice short experience with the unit but the attention lead to the conclusion that iam fine and therefore safe someone from dragging this over just for me to open it and send it back. resources though :slight_smile:

the not sampling while playing took me off and iam fine with that, overall its a fun Unit though.
I may get one when someone doesn’t know about fadergate and sells it for bits.

iam glad Elektron did 1.70 for the Rytm the same time last week


Because a ton of people had devices that arrived broken. It’s not a shitshow, this is actually the most civilized thread about a device with this many problems I’ve ever seen.


this is a great thread