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There is also Lock Mode, which is different than what you are asking, but I think would be great for a performance where you will doing a lot of tweaking and want to reset it at the end. Hold “MAIN” when powering up, and it will say “LOK” on the screen. Now, any changes you make will not be saved, so you could go crazy on your patterns. Then, when you turn the power off and back on again, it will reset to how was before it was powered up in Lock Mode.


If this is helpful too.


It’s cool pressing fx and while a pattern plays hold shift to toggle -/+ through to the fx you want to apply and then let go of shift.
As soon as you let go of shift the new selection kicks in seamlessly.
Maybe documented but I haven’t read the manual yet :wink:

Undoing during recording seems to revert to the point at which the play button was pressed from the stopped state. In other words, to confirm a note entry, you need to stop the sequence once.

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I think another way I would approach the Elektron style “reload pattern” is through the use of scenes. If you have a scene that is say, your main scene or your home scene, just hit “commit”, and it seamlessly duplicates that entire scene, even while the sequencer is playing. You can tweak away, and “commit” many times, and then you can always go back to that home scene. Just a different way to approach it.


the fx applies instantaneously on button press for me

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When you guys mention the manual, are you referring to the little insert page or is there a more detailed pdf somewhere. I desperately need more info to digest lol

The online manual:

Unfortunately not a PDF, but it does have an index.

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The red umbrella lights up when you do something on the device that can be undone.

Record a bunch of notes and the umbrella will light.

You can stop and press play restart the pattern again, but…

As soon as you hit record with the pattern stopped or after restarting the pattern, the umbrella will turn off, losing you undo.

I’m referring to both the online guide and the cheat sheet. I’m jumping back and forth.

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Based on the undo method.

You can record automation for LPF, Time, Pitch etc

then hit shift-B

to return to the “save state” ala elektron

*just moving the fader around wont trigger an undo umbrella. must be recording its automation


That’s pretty cool but parameters level and fx are not saved per scene, so those won’t revert back to the previous scene.

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Ah yes, that is a good point. Not everything will revert.

yes but if you hold shift while pressing plus or minus to scroll to the fx you want it won’t sound the other fx as you scroll through - it holds the current fx in memory until you let go of shift.
So for example choose Chorus - hold shift and press minus twice to get to Reverb. Let go of shift.
It won’t sound Distortion as you pass by. Maybe handy for performance reasons :wink:

The only way to create a save state of a fader’s parameter is through recorded automation into a pattern.

The fader’s current position and default position are tied to the group which is universal to the project.

Ex: The only way to lock a LPF setting on pattern B99 is to record automation for the duration of the whole pattern.
Otherwise the fader position of the LPF you change on pattern B22 will alter B99


i missed the hold shift aspect of that whole process

I was holding FX which isnt necessary at all lol

while on the FX page (FX lights up) hold shift to change the Send FX without hearing the change until you release shift