DT bug reports - OS 1.01

Yes, but what does bug out right now is the save/reload pattern for reverb and delay - the settings snap back to saved values, but the effects themselves don’t.

For the it’s not a bug, I think there’s 2 BPM, the global one and by pattern. This mean you can play each pattern with a different BPM and having a global BPM for the whole project. Let’s me know if I’m wright :wink:

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In chromatic mode, I can’t get live recording to start. Have to turn chromatic off, hit rec+play to start live record, then switch back to chromatic mode before the pre-roll ends.

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Noticed this one earlier too.

hm. Trying to reproduce this one, but can’t…

It’s hit and miss - not sure what the circumstances are that causes it.

is here anyone who’s not having any freezing issues when the DT is midi-synced?
One guy in another Forum saying his DT is running fine in Slave mode .

I saw someone in this thread mention that one of the bugs is going to be patched in 1.02. I can’t find ANYTHING about 1.02 Is there any resources on this from elektron?

all we know that it’s supposed to come out soon … I read on their website they are out of office until Wednesday … so I hope for this week

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The only bug I saw referenced to be fixed in 1.0.2 is the finicky encoders. It was also said that 1.0.2 is coming very soon.

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One of the Elektron guys said it would come, im always certain he said the word soon.

edit: Introducing Digitakt

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they better fix the midisync stuff soon … I don’t know about you , but for me it’s an essential part of the workflow and I can’t fully use the DT without


I do think this one is a clear priority, it’s a bit of a deal breaker!

BUG - still getting random crashes when simply letting a pattern play, but when it crashes, even though ive saved the patter, pad 4 always defaults to one of the hats “sample #4” from the internal samples that it shipped with?? really crazy.
All the rest of the pads save to the state I saved them in with the correct samples and settings.

BUG - to repeat… this constant crashing is getting really annoying. no its not hot, and yes im using the correct power supply into a moster power 3500 conditioner, and yes it screams an annoying loud high pitched buzz when it crashes and the screen freezes.

OK soooo i may be ranting a little, but this is literally the 9th crash today. Its just not a usable unit so I’ll probably have to submit a ticket or return it.
Anyone else with this much crashing? I see a few folks having issues, but how often?

Got my unit today. Only one crash (hang) so far while trimming and trying to save a sample. Hang tight… pretty sure it’ll get better soon enough.

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About one crash per hour, of different kinds.

The record button has started sticking to the metal housing when I press it. It sticks for about half a second then pops back up. Bad sign, could it be getting loose already? Wasn’t centered properly in production?

It sticks worse depending where I press it. If i press it on the left it sticks longer, if I press it down on the right side it doesn’t stick at all.