Introducing Digitakt

Yes I just tested sampling while the sequencer is running and it works no doubt

Yes, I was going to mention this bug on here today as it’s pretty annoying.

Definitely not a problem with the encoders as they work fine on other items where you can see the numbers going up and down. Just seems to be when you’re trying to change a selection like the play mode or filter mode etc.

Yeah same here with the encoders.

Also the function button sticks a bit. When I release it it comes back with a loud click…

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first jam on the Elektron Digitakt. kind of jacking the Field’s style on this one. very simple patterns that make sparing use of the probability trigs


Same here

This is fixed in 1.02 that is out soon.


Be my guest


nope, i’ve pre-ordered and payed the pre-order for the DT months back as i still had the money :wink: So - the MPC is still around :yum:

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Please declare the bugs you encounter in the dedicated thread.
Pay attention to the OS version in the thread title + use search to make sure your bug hasn’t been reported yet.



Quick question for anyone who has a digitakt to play with, is there a way of dong CTRL ALL via midi? Could I for example set up a midi foot controller to CTRL ALL filter cutoffs on one pedal and reverb level on another?

:joy::joy: Very well played. :+1:

WELCOME BACK! Always dig your stuff.

So I stopped messing around with midi and made my first track today. I absolutely love this thing. So much better than I had hoped for, bugs and all. With a few updates, this is going to be a classic machine for sure.


My DT and computer keyboard have the same color scheme :slight_smile:


and same amount of syllables :smile:


Yeah and they’re both objects.


anyone that’s used single cycle waveforms n samples as a synth, how flexible are the envelopes etc? does it work well? :slight_smile:

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I have seen all the videos and everything, but i cant understand one thing…
When you sequence external gear via midi ,can you control whatever parameter of the synth-drum machine-vst or whatever you are controlling, with the Digitakt sequencer and parameter lock it or just specific parameters?

Watch this one:

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sounds like some kind of transient shaping going on with the DT…

(apologies if these links have been posted before)