Digitakt out now!

We are excited to announce that Digitakt, our eight track digital drum machine and sampler, is now available for purchase. [Digitakt](http://www.elektron.se/digitakt) is a fun and portable sampler, drum machine and sequencer. Fast, digital and utterly playable. The powerful step sequencer, with 8 audio tracks and 8 MIDI tracks, will leave no musician wanting. Straight out of the box Digitakt is ready to go, as it comes pre-loaded with a volley of high quality percussion samples created by [That Sound,](http://www.iwantthatsound.com) among others. And for smooth bulk transfer of samples from computer to Digitakt, the new [Elektron Transfer](https://www.elektron.se/support/?connection=digitakt#resources) software will come in hand. Sampling with Digitakt is incredibly easy. Plug in a phone or another sound source and just start recording. Later this year, the [Overbridge](https://www.elektron.se/overbridge/) software suite will become available for Digitakt. It offers powerful tools and features when using Digitakt with computers, for example a dedicated VST/AU plugin interface for hardware control and USB audio streaming of internal tracks. Overbridge even lets Digitakt to be used as a sound card. [Check out the introduction video on YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MefPEo_9kiI&feature=youtu.be) [Listen to sound examples on SoundCloud](https://soundcloud.com/elektron/sets/digitakt-audio-examples/) [Find out the full specifications and order your Digitakt at Elektron.se](http://www.elektron.se/digitakt)

See you all on the dark side :loopy:


Are they ready to ship from Elektron right away as my pre-order from retailer is still pending?

Does that mean it will ship immediately (as in next business day) if I order now?

usually you cant buy from there when a product is out of stock but hmm… still would like to hear a confirmation on this :smiley:

Looking very proud in that Elektron.se main pic there, Cenk! Shit, just realised whats on the table - replace proud with smug (at getting to play with all those toys!) :joy:

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Ordering worked without problems for me. Now let’s see what’s faster - Elektron or my local retailer.


Ordered! Shipment from Elektron has always beat any local retailer for me.

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Is there a rough estimate on the overbringe release. I’m gonna send my Digitakt back i think if we are talking several months. Just can’t really use it for productions without the possibility of mixing things.

couldnt resist , i knew a cenk video would push me over the edge.

time to sell a few other things.

edit : if anyone is happy to wait , SXPro in the uk have them for 599 , due to arrive mid/late june.
and a 10% pre order offer too.

i couldnt wait…


Terrific tracks up on soundcloud :

a lot of nice new tracks , quite varied …good showcase for the new box.

the cuckoomusic (YouTube) vid is good, with a variety of popping sounds/patterns/activity… heavy on playful content, w/o too much speaking or formal exposition.

Have any of you who have ordered yesterday heard anything back?
I did the same and my order shows paid (in my account), but no other signs.
Contacted support asking about the delivery time, but no response so far.
At the same time, on the order page it says “Typically the order will be shipped the same day, given the PayPal payment takes place on a business day before 12:00 CET.” (which would be great)

The sampling and sample editing user interface and workflow looks very nice on this.

It really is a damn shame sample recording and editing like this wasn’t included on the Analog Rytm.

Would also like to know. Have been wondering about cancelling retailer pre-order and going this way. Too bad the elektron web-store doesn’t have some chat function or something to ask!

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That’s the assumption I based my order on. Haven’t cancelled my reservation at a local retailer just yet, though. Whoever delivers faster gets my business. I’m fairly positive that DT will ship today from Elektron.

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Just (literally) heard back from Simon that it will take about 5-8 business days from ordering to shipping.

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe it would be helpful to have this information on the order page instead of implying immediate shipment: “Typically the order will be shipped the same day, given the PayPal payment takes place on a business day before 12:00 CET.” :confused: I’m not implying malice here, but still I’m kinda annoyed that my questions in this regard didn’t get a response neither here nor on facebook. I’ve seen other companies handle this kind of stuff way better.