DT bug reports - OS 1.01

I got the COND to respond in grid mode while holding down trig, so I was wrong about that bug.

There’s still some weird stuff going on with it though, the trigs set to fill mode always trigger in grid rec, and always trigger when not in grid rec mode UNLESS i hold down page (which is the opposite of how it’s supposed to function right?) same thing with entering fill mode, they trigger when it’s off and don’t trigger when it’s on.

My other issues persist.

sure you didn’t use the inversion of tis function? there’s a little line above then

Reading through them I very much doubt these are issues, except that you haven’t followed the manual very well

e.g. nudging the tempo is working exactly as it is intended on all Elektrons

I suggest you look at the manual with more care before declaring so many bugs

I bet you have NOT[Fill] set as a TRC which would account for your observations

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It appears to be working fine in my patterns, but not working in the preset patterns.

How can you explain the > and < buttons defaulting the tempo to 120?

I don’t have a DT, I probably got that wrong, but the nudging is a temporary shift in Tempo that will return to the last set value … but not to 120 if it was set at something else … that doesn’t sound right

For a bug like that, if it gets confirmed, it’s best to detail all the connections, especially USB & MIDI if any

It’ll be an easy fix as this works fine on the other units … nudging should revert to the tempo it was at before nudging for sure

PS: this is a users’ discussion area and :3lektron: staff will no doubt browse here, but once confirmed here or if you are 100%, you need to submit an official ticket through the support system anyway

he can submit a ticket anyway … they will help him if it’s not a bug

Yep, having this problem selecting the filter type, trig conditions etc. As I’m new to Elektron gear does anyone know if this is the type of issue that will get rectified? It’sextrmemly irritating and a definite problem when trying to improvise live.

I’ve encountered the flaky encoders and the copy pattern tempo thing too. The latter was actually pretty cool, it was like it slowly ramped up the the correct tempo over the length of the pattern which caused some cool delay artifacts.

On the encoders, I’m finding it difficult to press down to select a sound without it flying up or down a few options. The sensitivity is a little whack too. Can live with it for now though!

Having the same issue with <> defaulting to 120…

Does anyone else have this problem:

With at least pattern A01, the demo pattern, using CTRL all to make the delay feedback go to 127, then reloading the pattern – the feedback value does change back, but the feedback keeps running away, that is, it doesn’t actually change back.

EDIT: none of the effects parameters do reset back to saved settings.

ups :confused:

Yes, it has already been fixed for the next 1.02 release … that’s why it’s helpful to read the existing reports or browse the forum and use the search facility

I think it’s a matter of bad research/ BETA testing.
Happened with more Elektron stuff.

The OT is way way behind on bug fixes. Years :frowning:

Anyone? This is such a big one that I’m wondering why I haven’t seen anyone else report it…

yeah HQ is aware of it


Great, cheers void!

New elektron user here, got mine yesterday and spent the day trying to get to grips with the basics. Is it a bug that the control all does’nt work on the delay and reverb sections?. Also I have found that when I use an lfo on the start point of a sample it freezes with a whine and needs to be rebooted, no external connections or midi cables attatched. Had a couple of random bpm hicups too, changes to 120 and then after a while goes back to the correct rate, its possible that I pressed the left or right arrow by mistake if that matters, Love the lay out and the sound but the encoders are making selections of some things like play direction almost unusable, how cenk managed to make adjustments in those demos is beyond me.
Another odd thing that may not be a bug, when you are scrolling through the source menu for sounds for a track, if you stop moving to audition a sound the menu dissapears meaning you have to keep tweaking the knob to bring it back up, it may be that when the encoders are dialled in and controllable, using funcion+ yes in combination with the encoder will work better but at the moment the up down arrow keys are more servicable but require a third hand to bring the menu back up.

Nah, keep. Just don’t send it MIDI until the next update. In the meantime, just plug it in and enjoy playing live on it, it sounds great, and it’s so fun to constantly tweak live.

Since there is only one delay and one reverb, no, control-all doesn’t work on those sections because there is no “all” to control.