The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

I was hoping for true midi polyphony per track.

It’s so dumb that we are confined to a single note or a 1 chord that I can shift around.

I was hoping I’d be able to import my midi files from live and just control my external gear. We all have tons of older songs we still play live that would be great to update on the elektron stuff.

Here’s the KILLER sequencer feature folks:

Individual step length

Each step has a step length parameter which is the number of 16th notes until the sequencer advances to the next step. This allows one to make long patterns (longer than the Digitakt’s 4 bars), without loosing timing resolution (with the Digitakt, a long pattern reduces the step resolution to at least 8th notes).

Few step sequencers have this. One that I know of is the Orthogonal Devices ER-101 ( which is rather hard to get ahold of right now. If you want to see what can be done with it, check out Colin Benders’ YouTube channel:


+1 that would be awesome

hmm, this answers my problem !
I just wanted to send midi over USB to a FH-1 ( expert sleepers / USB-midi 2 CV).
The FH-1 wants to see the notes C0 and up to trigger drums.

means: right now: FH-1 NOT working with the digitakt !
what a drawback, really.
are you working on this @Elektron ?

Probably not as u can completely change the midi messages on the expert sleepers module. Check the manual…

"MIDI message assignments

The full set of MIDI message assignments are shown in these charts:

CC assignment chart

Note on/off assignment chart

These default assignments can be completely customised via the configuration script. "

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Why would they ? There are many manufacturers working with the C-2 to G8 definition of the midi range … they’ve adopted this version of the ‘reference’ standard

why don’t you just offset two octaves
keep in mind anyway , a C0 (standard-a) is still just a reference to midi note 0, so whether it’s listed as c-2 (standard-b) or C0 is irrelevant, just feed the machine the right midi note irrespective of the relation to a standard … at the end of the day, the midi note is the only important thing …


This please

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If the hardware allows it, the option to send the metronome ONLY to the headphone output. This would be amazing for a live drummer. Currently, sending a midi sync to an iPhone app that accepts midi sync. Would love to not deal with that setup, and just go out of the Digitakt.


I hope the global mutes / pattern mutes are differentiated more clearly and the system of muting/unmuting rethought. it’s very difficult now to see which tracks are pattern muted, as everything’s relying on a blink. I think offering a way to make the quick mute function set the pattern mute state would be very nice, too.

But yeah, I think that’s the only section of the machine that I hope will be actually revised…

yes, thats where i got stuck, another evening not really making music but surfing for workarounds.
and finally: i still don´t get it.
but thanks for the hand !

  • Another LFO page (or two)
  • A “realtime” way to sample/resample and immediately play it back (like our beloved MD UW) via trigs, etc.

Way to more quickly/accurately dial in delay settings to whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th, etc – like hold down the encoder and get access to preset values. I understand it’s based off 128th nodes, but setting common time values seems tedious.


a plastic shield/cover, at a reasonable price. $50 is absurd, the Digitakt is very small.

seriously… you know how many more people would buy one if they were like $25 or 30 bucks. it’s a shame.


“collect samples” to a “collected” folder
(please !)

why ?
i personally have all my sample folders totally unorganised on the HD.
loading samples to the DT went also a bit chaotic at first ( no clear info on the manual in regards to renaming the folder in the upload tool upfront )
i absolutely will have to rearrange EVERYTHING and this porbably several times.

i´d like to keep the few MB of samples i´m using for now within the DT and not losing all my initial work.
just one of many reasons.
( OT wins sooooo much on sample arrangement )

loading samples to the project slots:
i´d like to load samples to specific slot numbers chosen by me, and NOT just filling up the next empty slot.
As is, there is nearly no way to organise the sample slots in a clever way
( oh well, some people here will tell me now they do. i then would guess that you are working in a very conventional way, thinking in terms of: this is a kick, this is a snare, this is a HH :wink:
ohh wait, or you are just totally good organised. I´m not ! :wink: )

but then: ( sorry, long post)
it took me something like 4 years on the octatrack to understand how cool and useful it is to load samples in bunches and place them in all projects at the same sampleslots.
e.g. lets say some modular noise samples allways loading to sampleslot 100-120,
beats and grooves to 80-100.
kicks from 11-20. snares 21-30. etc. etc. etc.
even if i just load 4 kicks, then they´d go 11-15,
snares then from 21 on…

and from there then sometimes rearranging in order of importancy, reloading the sample then from the new sampleslot to the track again…etc. etc. etc.

much much much better workflow for experimental stuff.
please rethink ! thanks
i buy a second DT if you come up with that feature. seriously !


Master compressor with sidechain.

I just want to be able to do some electro ducking with my kick. I hate having to route my kick drum into L output and everything else into the R output and sidechaining with rack gear.

A hard limiter, because playing around with the delay feedback gets waaay too loud sometimes, yes it’s fun, but there should be limits, lol.


Please implement a feature that doesn’t let you load the SAME sample 2x (or more) into the measley/precious 128 slots per project.

I keep loading the same sounds into my project because the names are very similar.

It would be nice to be told- Sample already loaded in Project!


This. There should be a quantized option for the delay time settings.


How about choke groups?


More coffee for whoever has the thankless job fitting trigs and buttons.