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It doesn’t clear all the parameter for all trigs but TRIG+CLEAR on Note trig does clear all the locks for that trig.
This plus removing all lock trigs and you’re done.
Would be nice to have something like this for the entire track but hey!

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Press DATA ENTRY knob + [NO] to reset the parameter to the default value. [PARAMETER] key + [PLAY] to reset all the parameters in the selected parameter page to
default values.

During live recording pressing the data entry knob plus no to clear parameter locks across the whole pattern.


Yes but if multiple parameters have been automated one would have to knob+[NO] all the locked parameter across all the trigs which might be a very long procedure and definitely not viable for live performance.

I don’t read all the thread so I don’t know if it already said but here is the trick I use to add VST plugins to the Digitakt (on windows)
I use VSTHost, a free vst host program. In VSTHost, I set audio interface input to the DT and output to the DT (need Overbridge ofc)
I add my plugins and then in the DT, I go to setting - system - USB config and set INT to main to no.
Then go to sampling and choose USB L+R.
Play your loop and you will hear (with a little latency) the processed sound by VST. Resample and set back your int to main to Yes.
I use it to add EQ, comp or 12 bits grit to my drums. It’s lossless because there is no AD/DA conversion.


I use it live, works fine. If I remember correctly it doesn’t need to be held across the sequence only pressed in live record mode. There are multiple way to clear plocks. You mentioned it didn’t exist, I was merely letting you know it did.

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Bouncing Ball:

You can get a pretty good “bouncing ball” sound on the digitakt the following way.

Start with a short length sample, like a high-hat hit. Put it forward loop mode. Set the LFO destination to sample length. Set the speed at 8 and the multiplier at 16. Use the exp wave, the one-shot mode, and turn the depth up to 63. The amplitude envelope should be zero attack, zero hold, and around 71 decay.

The idea is that as the sample length gets shorter, the loop gets shorten, and the sample gets hit “faster”. It kind of sounds like the decay of a bouncing ball.

Edit: And the amplitude decay decreases the volume of the sound as the hits go faster.


Template trig slices:
Make a template project, and before create a new project, just load template project and “save project as”
In the template project, choose a bank and a pattern you will never use: maybe bank H pattern 16.
Set the lenght per track to track 1 to 16.
Set up every trig and for each trigs, p-lock start point every 7,5:
*0 7,5 15 22,5 30 37,5, 45 52,5 *
60 67,5 75 82,5 90 97,5 105 112,5

In track 2, set the lenght to 32 and do the same but trigs every 3,75
*0 3,75 7,5 11,25 15 18,75 22,5 26,25 *
30 33,75 37,5 41,25 45 48,75 52,5 56,25
60 63,75 67,5 71,25 75 78,75 82,5 86,25
90 93,75 97,5 101,25 105 108,75 112,5 116,25

In track 3, set to 48 and trig every 2,5
0 2,5 5 7,5 10 12,5 15 17,5
20 22,5 25 27,5 30 32,5 35 37,5
40 42,5 45 47,5 50 52,5 55 57,5
… etc

And the track 4, to 64 and trig every 1,875. But it’s not possible so just set 1/2 every 3,75 (like 2x 2 bar - use copy pasta)
Save the template and now, when you want to slice a loop, just go to you bank H, pattern 16, choose the lenght of the loop (16: track 1, 32: track 2, 48: track 3, 64: track 4) go to record step and FUNC+COPY. Go back to your track with the loop to chop and record step -> FUNC + PASTE.
Now you can flip your loop with TRIG+COPY - TRIG+PASTE and you can mute/unmute the track without waiting the end of the sample to play :wink:

I discover you can also make micro choping / time stretch with this technique. Just drop the trigs track on a sampled melodie loop and see what happen :slight_smile:


man, you must create youtube tutorial, the idea is brilliant :+1:


I don’t have camera or smartphone ^^

Edit: You right, I will to get one from a friend one day to make some tutorial about tricks in DT :slight_smile:


I do this; to expand on it, I make loops in AUM on the iPad; often with Ruismaker Noir. Sometimes I will drop the tempo in half to get extended tails on the one shots in the loop. This is helpful for pitch changing, especially during control all which can breakdown on loops. Then use the above technique but at double the original loop’s length to compensate. Also, sometimes removing swing for the loop then adding it back via digitakt sequencer helps chopping accuracy.

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing guys

Great work with this find.

In LIVE RECORDING mode, turning a DATA ENTRY knob will input parameter locks to the active track. Note trigs will be locked accordingly and trigless locks containing the locks will be placed on the sequencer steps not containing note trigs.
To remove the parameter locks of all tracks while LIVE RECORDING mode is active, press and hold [FUNCTION] + [NO/RELOAD]. Sound locks will, however, not be erased.
Press [NO/RELOAD] + one (or several) of the [TRIGS] in order to erase a sequence of recorded trigs on a spe- cific track (or on several tracks) in time with the sequencer, i.e. all steps reached on the pattern playing will be erased, until the keys are released. Sound locks will not be erased.
Remove specific parameter locks in real time by pressing [NO/RELOAD] while pressing the DATA ENTRY knob corresponding to the parameter that will be removed.

TRIG+YES will now preview p-locked trigs :slight_smile:


Your fake vid must have started something Eaves. Thanks!


Conditional reverb or delay sends on short samples or stabs: say you have a snare running. Lfo already in use for whatever. A bit of reverb already as send but like to have some delay repeat once in a while or a 100% reverb once in a while. Put a trigless trig right before or after the trig, p-lock the send amount, set condition of that trigless trig and adjust micro timing far left or right (depends on which side you put it) you can even audition it with trig+yes


hmm interesting! I’ll try it later <3

Impressive :slight_smile: it would be great if developers do the fix in next FW to make virtual controllers on the screen moving when there is automation recorded. It would make the interface much clearer.

Sorry I don’t have any to share, but I’m looking for two shortcuts I can’t find here …

  1. “REC, PAGE+COPY: Copies the trigs of the current page of the current track into memory” … is there a key combo to copy/paste ALL track trigs to a different page i.e. copy/paste the entire page?

  2. Is there a shortcut to hear what the original sample sounded like without going into the browser?


Love it!!!