Anyone else feel bad when shelving gear?

You should definitely sell your gear so someone else can buy it.
Then they can shelf it and ignore it :wink:


There’s always just one foolproof advice to lean on in these discussions:

never sell


Some is already gone, but closeting my Gear too.

And i pull Out whatever i want to play with for a while to put it Back then.

I have the problem where I can never get rid of gear that I’m done with. I usually only use 2 or 3 bits of gear at once. I try to force myself to rotate at least 1 piece every few weeks. At least this way the old gear gets used and I find some combos.
Since delving into modular I find it less of a problem. I just need to buy more rack Space every now and then. Everything is just a patch cable away.
Im sure this is not sustainable though!

I have a friend that buys gear, takes it out of the box. Looks at it. Then puts it back in the box and puts the box in the closet, with all the other boxes.


This is just… sad :frowning:

I usually feel good for the shelf. I’m like hey buddy, now is your chance to shine. You do your thing and just be the best shelf that you can be.


I took it a step further and sold my maschine mk3.

I was using maschine as my main daw and every time I would use Arturia effect plugins, after exporting my track it would completely sound bonkers, making hi pitched sharp sounds and just completely changing it.

I was in contact with arturia for a long time trouble shooting this to no avail.

They said it seems to be isolated to my specific setup as they haven’t had many reports like this supposedly.

But after that and all the frustration i gave up on maschine.
Think about working on a track all day long only to export it and the plugin goes haywire after export and listening to it. All that work for nothing. And i narrowed it down to only maschine and arturia effect plugins by making only one track with it on and one sound.

Anyways switched over to ableton and everythings been running solid since.

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Hi friend ltns

Have the same friend but with guitars and pedals. His office keeps getting smaller and gives me anxiety.

Feeling awful knowing I’ve got about $8k of synths in storage that I’ll never use again, and about to spend another $2k on new gear.
Sure I’ll be feeling totally ok when the new gear I really really really need arrives.


Funny enough I had the same issue with Maschine. Instead of exporting I had just been Resampling my tracks. It wasn’t ideal but it was something at least.

Now I’m back to using Ableton with my Push 1.

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Saying to himself: one day…i am going to…

Does collecting Plugins in a Harddisk counts in as shelving?
Threads Like this:

always itches my GAS, but Always i end up usually using either the DAW Default Plugins, or Hardware fx.
The only three Plugins i use, are MicroTonic, Synplant and Tonebuster Reel Tape Emulation… The rest of Software…Absynth, Reactor, elysia compressor etc.pp…did cost me a lot of Money, but i never used it again. Yes i do feel Bad for that. Same with iOS Apps. I have a dozen softsynths for that…played with it a little…but then…never used it again. Waste of Money. And i cant even sell it or Return it…

So Iv recently been re watching the studio tours by future music on YouTube and my deductive differential would be, you’re no professional unless for every active synth, pedal, keyboard you have 2 or 3 redundant ones behind it collecting dust :joy:


Where I come from “shelving gear” means something else entirely.


I don’t feel bad for not using stuff, but then again I don’t have much and have hardly bought anything for a while.

Tip for storing electronics: use a handfull of raw rice! It has the same moisture absorption as that stuff that says ‘Don’t Eat’ on it. And finally you also have a use for those single socks that get left behind when one disappears.


Haha had the same thought you beat me to it.

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I recommend buying more cables :money_mouth_face: I tend to just upgrade my gear as my needs change. I traded in a bunch of stuff and bought a DT. Then of course I had to buy an OT because, well, it’s a moral imperative. I wanted a polysynth so I sold my other poly and got a Deepmind 12. I actually downsized my setup so I just keep all my gear hooked up and ready to play. But it is always evolving, and prob always will.

The issue with NI maschine is a bummer. I tend to not purchase something that is hard to resell or trade up, computer-integrated stuff included. The used market is flooded with this stuff which drives down the price. Plus stand-alone units are more fun, and arguably more durable/reliable too. Every time I turn on Ableton, it crashes my PC. Nothing inspiring about that. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’m suffering from this right now. I moved back in with my father after my mother passed, and all of my expensive mastering gear is packed up or racked up with no real space to use it.

So I have to unbox my Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus every once in a while to pine after it’s sweet, sweet sound that I’ve only been able to hear once.

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Wife just embargoed me expanding my little unit so I either find a way to sit them on top of one another or sub some :man_facepalming:t2::weary:

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