Cyclone TT-606


I guess that can be nice, but handling hh/cymbal mute duties with just the knobs during a liveshow with a PA is not sometthing I look forward to again if I can help it lol

One flick of the wrist too far and you blow up everyones ears with those cymbals… :evil:


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I’ve grown fond of the TT-606’s peculiar appearance now. I like how it separates those who care more about looking at their gear from those who care more about using it.


There’s a gate/mute for each instrument. I guess you’d maybe need a controller that has a hold function. I actually never use midi controllers, so I don’t know much about setting them up.


Man, this thing has so many features I haven’t even touched yet. Every time I browse through the manual, I’m like “wtf, no way; really?” Then I shake my head in disbelief, smiling, thinking to myself “this thing is way freaking cool.”


That’s good.
It still looks shit to me


I ain’t gonna lie; it ain’t the Mona Lisa. But damn it’s so fun to play with.


Wow, great to see the “nuance” LFO shapes and depths are all CC# controllable.
I think I could spare a few MD MIDI LFOs to randomly adjust the nuance LFO shapes and depths over time to keep the sounds evolving and interesting.


Yeah, for real. I was suprised by a lot of stuff I saw. Look at this; it transmits and recognizes aftertouch & pitch bend. I’m trying to figure what uses aftertouch.


Might as well include this one too I guess.


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With such a good MIDI implementation, this is the 606 box to get in 2016 IMO. Dayum


Hmm, i still prefer to have all parameters instantly accessible on the TR8-606.

TT-606 only does one per instrument, afaik.

Between the original, simplistic TR606 and the tweakable TR8, I have all needs covered.


It’s great we have options, and can find what we want according to our needs.

Cyclone TT-78 (CR-78 clone and more)

TT-606 OH and CY each have two paramaters.
And all instruments have available LFO modulation of their respective parameters.


Crucial for me is independent control of tune and decay on the BD… Ofc, if you don’t need those params, you’re fine.


Yeah, I agree; it’s nice to have both. I have decay on the 606 & 808 kicks of my Drumatix. The most important thing to me is the sound I guess. I’m really into the sound of the TT-606. I truly value real analog sounds in conjunction with a sequencer that allows for a lot of expressiveness. My ears aren’t like everyone else’s ears, and I recognize as well as respect that.


I’m sitting here at work listening to Paranoid London. I have a lot of love for the OG 606; it’s got that dirty sound. I own the Acidlab Drumatix and TT-606, and I love them both. I love them all. 606 is my favorite sounding drum machine. Just wanted to get that out there. It’s possible to love them all.


I’ve played with a lot of TR-606es and they’ve all sounded noticeably different from one another. Especially the hats and cymbal.

Decades of detuning in those cluster OSCs does wonders. I have sample chains from at least 4 different 606es in my Rytm. Plus a Drumatix chain. I think Rytm’s BD Silk, SD Natural, and Metallic CH/OHCY should be considered in the same space as the TR/TT/Drumatix.

Def my favorite sound space as well.


I was playing with the Acidlab Drumatix a couple days ago, wondering if I should still keep it now that I have the TT-606. I came to the conclusion that it sounded different enough for me to want to keep it. It’s nice having multiple flavors. I have to be honest; I’d love to have the OG one day as well. 606 sounds always manage to excite me unreasonably.