Cyclone TT-606


And since neither are capable of polyrhythms, keeping the pair of them together gives you polyrhythms!


ah, excellent idea… although I do have the Pyramid as well that makes doing all that type of stuff a breeze, it could be fun just to sync these guys up by themselves sometime


For me, TR-606 sample chains in Rytm or any other good sample playback device is good enough. So long as you have all the accent levels, and CH/OH decay tricks recorded in the sample chain, there isn’t much an OG 606 can do that a good sample playback device can’t.
And then there’s no worrying about aging buttons, memory issues with the battery compartment. Etc.
Plus, 32 patterns ain’t much.


OG has a certain scuz no doubt. hats sound like they could veer off into the road any second. i also thought the Miami shared a similar kind of looseness. i imagine the Acidlab Druamtix sharing that same feel


I might have to disagree with you there. I love how those hats interact; especially when they’re all summed up, coming out the same output. But samples in the RYTM definitely have more magic than samples in any other machine.


p/s when i press the ‘time’ function to change the grid 1/8 / 1/16/ 1/32 etc i have to press the button down for a few seconds in order for it to switch. i’m puzzled, as the other function combinations are instant. does your machine behave the same way?


I’ll have to check when I get home; I got night class so it’s going to be a bit late


cheers dude.


oops I missed that part; yeah, that should work


Another thing I am looking forward to with the TT-606 is the fact that it has MIDI output, transmits MIDI notes, and can sequence other gear.
My Roland TM-2 .wav module’s SD card is crammed full of sampled hits of every drum machine imaginable. I’m real keen to exploit it as a 4 voice sample layer tool with the TT-606’s sequencer. And it gives me a chance to try out CR-78 samples with the Cyclone sequencer in my own music before committing to a TT-78.


Damn. I’m impressed by your methodical thought processes with regards to this type of gear. It’s modular thinking in a way that I totally dig and nod my head approvingly to.


not to worry, i’ve just found the part where it describes changing the timescale. you have to hold the button down for a few seconds in order for it to set. it was designed like this to prevent unhappy accidents.


Cool; I actually like that because it’s a real issue that I’ve encountered with the Acidlab Drumatix.


Then you’ll really appreciate this…

There are some commonalities in the MIDI Note specs of both, and you can use the TT-606 to sequence some of your Drumatix instruments with the Drumatix in “MIDI Expander Mode”
The ability to sequence all Drumatix voices except for Toms and OH exists. This brings the TT-606’s flam, roll, and fill tricks to the Drumatix sounds.

Same notes for:
BD1 (#36)
SD1 (#37)

TT-606 notes controlling different Drumatix voices:
RS to BD2 (#37)
HC to SD2 (#39)
CH to RS (#42)
LT to HC (#43)
OH to CH (#46)
CH+OH to CY (#44)

The only bummer here is the Drumatix’ “MIDI Expander Mode” disables the internal sequencer. So you can’t add on to what it is doing with an external sequencer like the TT-606. This means if you want to use the pair and sequence one with the other, you’ll have to settle for TT-606’s toms, and OH sounds, as those can’t be triggered on the Drumatix via the TT-606. But still, there is some real space for a creative marriage of the pair.


yep, definitely a good thing.

the nuance section is great. not exactly sure what parameters i’m fucking with, but i’m getting lots of useful variations. primarily different tunings.


The nuance feature modulates each instrument’s “tone” parameter.
So for BD, LT, HT, CH it is modulating the pitch/tuning. (CH also modulates OH tuning)
For SD it modules Snap.
For CY, OH, it modulates Decay.
RS = Timbre
CP = Density

The “random” nuance LFO shape is especially neat on the voices whose tone parameter is not pitch/tune.


for those interested, a more in-depth video is now available.

After the 12 minute mark, the “instrument select” option to change Cymbal timbres is explored. This really adds some depth and variety to those sounds.

@Prints - have you explored this feature yet? I was hoping the video would have also gone into the same feature in the hat section, but it did not. Are the hat timbres the same in scope as the Cymbal’s?


That thing sounds great ive to admit, sadly abit to pricey for me (for what it does atleast).


Ok, I’m sitting in front of it right now, trying out some of the advanced features for the first time. Yep, the scope of the hat timbres is very similar to those of the cymbals except there are 6 degrees (choices) rather than 4. I dig that furthest right setting in a weird way; sounds really interesting and nothing like a hat/cymbal.


Cool. I didn’t realize until right now the hats do distort a bit at max volume coming out of the headphone jack. I like that sound. I have to stop playing, and go study instead now though :confused: