Cyclone TT-606


I already ordered mine.

So where are we now? Best drum machine to compliment AK/A4 for live - your experiences?

Nice! (I think)


I’ll report back with some feedback when it arrives. I don’t know much, but I do know it offers 64 pattern memory, patterns can be 64 steps, there’s accent for individual sounds, there’s roll & flam, and supposedly the ability to save kits.


Jeez you changed your tune pretty quickly :loopy:
Was following the gearslutz thread on this where you were bagging it out for the last 6 months.
It’s good now?


I don’t understand german :crying_cat_face:


It looks bad.


Reckon for the price drumbrute over this thing for sure. Looks like an iPhone with knobs and buttons :zonked:


^Was going to say that.

Why couldn’t they use the same enclosures as the TT-303


Yeah really bad looking piece of gear. Looks like it could be one of my kids plastic toys. Maybe it feels/looks better in person if it has some weight to it etc.


That’s when I was misinformed about the TT-606’s pattern memory, and thought it was only 16.


Which is coming here for sure.


Yeah. It looks cheap; like it should be filled with candy or something. Fortunately, it has the right sound and right features.


Personally, I totally lost interest in the Arturia drum machine. Great interface, but the sound is only ok to me. When I hear demos of the TT-606 though, it excites me. So crisp and punchy.


I understand, I use a DR110 for sleazy stuff.
I’ve had a TR606 and sold it… many years ago but didn’t really miss it.


I have a deep affection for the 606 sound.


A big part of the 606 is in the sequencer. Not just the sound (which is very nice). The sequencer sprinkles magic over the open/closed hats… especially with a bit of accent. Yum.


Sorry for my ignorance but what box is this?


This is acidlab drumatix


The GAS is strong with you, padawan.


With my Pyramid sequencing the Drumatix, and utilizing the humanize feature, I can get my hats sounding exactly how I like. The hats in this were sequenced with my Pyramid.