Cyclone TT-606


Nice. Meteore sounds killer. I’d forgotten about that pedal. Damn you :wink:


i pulled the plug, sold my 606 and have one ordered. i’m hoping the sequencer workflow + additional functions will make this machine even more fun than the original.
the expanded functionality will be super useful. p/s what’s the shuffle like? hoping i can make it swing wildly.

btw another sound demo here


Those 32nd note roll closed hats at the end of that sound demo are so funky!
Swinging nicely, there, also.
Mine arrives Friday.

The power of this sequencer has me considering a TT-78 preorder as well. I’ve been playing with those CR-78 sounds in Live to get a better idea on how they sound in a non-Phil Collins context, hehehe.


The TT-606 is my favorite drum machine so far.


certainly is tempting. the CR78 sounds a lot like the TR77 which i already own. don’t think i could ever sell that.


Prob gonna grab the Cr-78 clone. Never really been tempted to grab a hardware drum machine before but always loved the sound of that box and the UI looks fast/fun. First thing I’m doing when it gets here is trashing the box with paint and stickers. They seriously need to sack their designer…


all good here, but why the awfully sadistic OG knobs with that flat part? My fingers just ache thinking about using em - always hated those on the OG 606

For 399, this musta been a steal though!


API, neve, in pedal form? Pure genius sir. Must check these pedals out, cheers!


There’s a mute mode, so you don’t even need to use them once you’ve set the levels you like. If you use the individual outs, you won’t need to use them at all. Haven’t checked yet, but maybe you can change the knobs too.


fwiw, the TT-606 level knobs appear to be wider than the original TR style, which should improve the experience.


ahh, okay. Having mutes on buttons would totally solve this! Looking like a champ :thup:


If I had one minor criticism, it would be that I’d have preferred the mute mode to have its own button. You can get out of it by just hitting the function button; but to get back into it, you have to hold function while pressing another button.


How’s the MIDI implementation? No CC control for the mutes I guess?


probably asking to much here, but can you change the step length per instrument? creating different polymeters would be dope as…


Not sure; I don’t plan on using it with an external sequencer. The sequencer really is a joy to use, and the 2-button combo to get into mute mode is workable; just gotta get used to it.


I don’t think you can do this per instrument; it can be done for the entire pattern length though.


I wasn’t thinking about ext sequencers, more like pad controllers and extra buttons etc, assuming any MIDI CC control exists. OTOH microtiming and polymetry with individual swings per track by using an OT to seq it wouldn’t be totally out of the question :diddly:

EDIT: Since it has kit memories, I am hopeful that some form of CC control might also be onboard.


Ah, yes. A midi controller for mutes would be ideal. I’ll report back once near the manual again.


One more Q regarding the TT606 if I may. On the original 606, hihats and cymbals were gainstaged to be super loud compared to all the other sounds. Are the hh/cymbal gainstages more balanced on the TT606?

Having mutes makes this way less painful, but i always felt this was a very peculiar design choice on the original box.


Yeah, the gain staging is very normal. I really like how the hats can distort on the OG though to be honest.