Coming soon


…like teasing a cat with a piece of string for your amusement…!


I wouldn’t place much stock in that guy’s comment. There’s a thing called “bluffing”. And inspiring hope on the Elektronauts forum about an Elektron product is a sure way or garnering attention.

Especially true since the last Elektron product was the Digitone. Heck, I could have said a similar thing- and your desire for a great product would probably have believed me despite that I live in the states and have had no correspondence with Elektron outside of a support ticket.

That being said, he’s right- there’s something else coming down the line- and you’re going to LOVE it!


This confuses me. What rabbit hole links? Does a prelude to the MS warrant inciting further imagination? Despite that, yes, it’s a cool utilitarian product for Elektron?


Lets keep the dream alive!!!


Once again: the person that wrote that OT users would be very happy was referrng to the Samples :wink:
just read the thread


Oh yes! It’s become a meme, as far as I understand. I love it!

If you have any key favorites, I would greatly appreciate you taking the effort to share them with me- in case there were something I missed :slight_smile:


There are no indicators of a new or improved OT. I‘d like nothing more, but that‘s how it seems to be.


Oh! I meant of the meme.


What meme?


Repetitive theme poking fun of the “Ive seen what Elektron are making and trust me, you’re going to love it”


Sorry, crystal :frowning:


All good! :smiley:


You know…

Given how every previous teaser thread was closed down after announcement, meanwhile this one remains open- I have reason to suspect there’s more “coming soon”


that‘s a definite possibility! I assume it‘s rather software related. Or an update to another box that‘s not the OT


Disclaimer: this is a fringe theory, rouse your hopes at your own risk.

But, no, I don’t believe this thread would remain open for supplementary additions.

Furthermore, the admins of this forum are ON POINT! They rarely miss a beat! Split-second of an items announcement, this thread closes and further comments are directed toward the new product page, unless…


The admins were just as clueless as us. And just as involved in the speculation


I mean, that’s certainly a possibility- but they would have closed this thread down by now, unless…


Sorry, I was trying to be subtle.

The trailing marks were intended to indicate: they were instructed not to

Edit: if we have top notch admins on this forum, and the item has already been announced, then why is the speculation thread still open?


Maybe you‘re right


We’ll find out soon enough
Merry NAMM Eve!