Coming soon


How much longer do we have to wait?


Another 7-8 hours i figure?
Anyone else noticed how every product on Elektron site is temporarily unavailable to order? Has it been like that long?


That’s not uncommon, to be honest


Most items have been showing out of stock for a week or two.


They announced officially all physical goods would be offline to purchase for awhile.


That’s what I’m hoping, too. Guess we’ll see soon enough :3lektron:


Try to put yourself in a spot to be impressed. And not disappointed

I’m just a guy after all


I’m pretty sure there will be more products announced at namm =)


Namm 2019 will be the best yet for Elektron----fans :slight_smile:
There is no way the Model:Samples is the only new hardware they will show as it would be a very lazy 12 months if thats all thats new :slight_smile:


Will everyone be happy?


Yes, especially Octatrack users! :wink:


I think a lot of people will be happier and relieved. If they only had the baby Model:Samples to show i think they would have not have bothered with a booth .


Ramping up their operation to scale and moving OB forward doesn’t sound like a lazy year for me. I hope you’re right, though and maybe they want to be able to show something new at Superbooth, too as it’s one of the most important events these days.


Well lets not forget OB2, which is quite a thing. Even with that “small” delay. But my bet is that we will see some updates for the current machines.


Ramping up operations = more developers and Hardware engineers --2017 produced A4 MK2, AR MK2 ,OT2 and Digitone --thats 4 new units. 2018 so far is AH MK2 and Model:Samples


Looks like there’s a few more products in the pipeline…!


Excellent sleuthing. Soundwave being most interesting to me!


Awesome research!!


d. i. g. I. 's. t. r. 1. k. e


What could Digistrike be? A drum pad with Elektron sequencing :star_struck: