Coming soon


Yeah not a great demo
Only posted it because of the sample length :wink:


Hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard 21 Savage on an Elektron device, so that’s kinda cool in itself.


Oh, those trigs are so bright.


@Ess any chance of getting scale per track in the Digitakt and Digitone?


I have enjoyed reading some of the complaints elsewhere on the web. Some people find the weirdest things to be annoyed at. I can’t find the source, but I read one person complain that the Model:Sample is rubbish because the manual didn’t say what genres where included with the installed sounds.

I think marketing have their work cut out with this one. :joy:


Haters make elevators for the saviors.


Can’t promise anything, but I really do hope so.


That would be so wonderful. Digitakt has been growing stronger and stronger!! Incredible instrument and my setup would be so much worse off without it. Can’t wait to try out the new machine.


sorry to go off topic, but I just discovered the USB L + R setting on the DT… sampling straight from ableton direct! so mint

route midi to ableton instrument, set threshold on DT, mute the DT channels, hit play, boom, it’s in :star_struck:


Oo tips n’ trix


See? Without that M:S Release you wouldnt have discovered it…


I wonder if this will work with VCV rack? hope so!


It does and it’s fun.


It has improved over time but let’s be honest , it was buggy as hell when it came out , it it didn’t improve I’d have returned it

I expect this to be quite stable, I’d like to see kits implemented in dt from samples but I don’t need it or think ‘ it’s on device x so it should be on device y’ which many seem to assume.


That would be awesome!


Still though, you COULD technically say that the M:S doesn’t have a sampling limit(though, I wouldn’t exactly put that in the adverts :smiley: )


There. Fixed.

EDIT: It honestly would’ve been nice had this happened the day OT got conditional trigs, but c’est la vie.


That’s what’s up


Namm day!


Don’t give em ideas :smirk: