What is the deal with cats and Elektron gear?!

Is this forum about gear consumption or about making music?
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Why is this forum so nice?

Cats love boxes


Cats love attention.


Mine are the same way (see my profile pic.)


Cats love real bad boys.


A cat hair somehow worked its way underneath the screen of my Rytm, completely in there. I think it traveled over from the bottom of an encoder😃…


I had to purchase the Decksaver Cover for my Analog Keys because my Maine Coon-mix had it in for the joystick. When I’m jamming, he lays under the Virus KC almost every time and watches the blinking sequencer step lights or the LFO’s on my Walforf Q. Cats rule.


My cats are jealous, I don’t let them near my Elektrons… Two of them use to perch atop the sound system of my old place however

They have a sister but she prefers acoustic…


What is the deal with dogs and elektron gear :smiley:


My cat loves the Performance Mode…but then he sleeps on his job.


I think they like the heat given off by this stuff…



There’s a cat in the building who comes in occasionally but he’s too shy to mess with my gear. I really miss having cats of my own!


on cue, cat meows while reading this thread…go away jesus!!
no no i love you really


I got a rabbit, but she stays outside, and I surely won’t ever let her go next to wires !!



I love cats and get visited often in the studio, but since I had a meowing contest going on, while I was recording a performance live (well, it was a synth so the meowing was not recorded), I try to keep them out of the studio, if I have to concentrate.

Can you imagine playing a session on the keyboard and having your furry sweet-heart sitting under the stand and keeping to tell you that there are definitely more important things to do now, like to care about this poor neglegted little kitty? :joy_cat: :scream_cat: :worried:


… musing … how far would those odd worms fly through the air, if I was sweeping them off the desk? :smirk_cat:


This thread is giving me cat gas, so to speak. Next purchase…


ah ah, this thread reminds me another one on Ableton forums, “cats and studio pics”, filled with 2000+ cats-on-gear pics :slight_smile: