Calibration of scene crossfader?


Hi all, is this possible to re calibrate the cross fader of my octatrack mk2 ?
it won’t go at exactly A position !
thanks in advance !


Are you on the latest OS? I had some oddities in that area with the initial firmware. If you, or your OT MK2 for that matter, are up to date, you could try test mode (hold FUNC while powering up and select test mode). If you move the cross fader, the trig buttons will light up depending on the position of the fader. If that doesn’t seem to be right, and here I reiterate, Elektron support may have additional suggestions to debug the issue and to find out whether it’s a hardware problem.


clues here of what to do to self-calibrate (ought to be same for mk2)


thanks !
To reset the x-fader press function + scene b while in test mode.
It does work
merci !


I wonder if the calibration procedure could be abused by people who want to use the crossfader for DJ style stuff. You couldn’t adjust the curve (as far as we know) but if you calibrated it with the fader set somewhere other than the end of its throw, it seems like you could probably set it up t go from A to B across a smaller range of its throw, and that combined with the existing LFO trics for changing its response might help get it to work better for quick cut and things. I’m not a DJ so I don’t have the knowledge to really test if it’s helpful or not, but it seems promising.

I would love to get hold of an Octatrack service manual and see exactly what can be calibrated on it. Encoder sensitivity? Screen contrast? Input LED sensitivity? Who knows?


This just saved me a 2 hour trip in LA traffic…I thought my new OT was faulty as it wouldn’t go all the way to 100% A, and was backwards on CC data…Function and Scene B fixed it right away. Thank you!