C6 SysEx Manager not getting Catalina 64-bit update

Since we just got the announcement today that C6 will remain 32-bit (effectively meaning they’ve stopped development), and that Elektron Transfer will no longer support Machinedrum and Monomachine, what alternatives do we have?

Link to news post

The upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina will not support 32-bit software, meaning that Elektron’s C6 SysEx Manager will not function on a system running Catalina. From Catalina and onwards, it will no longer be possible to use C6 with your Elektron devices.

To remedy this, we will release a new version of the Elektron Transfer software (version 1.2) which will be compatible with Catalina. Elektron Transfer 1.2 will support OS upgrades for Analog Four MKI/MKII, Analog Heat MKI/MKII, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm MKI/MKII, Digitakt, Digitone, Digitone Keys, and Model:Samples. Please note that Octatrack, Machinedrum, and Monomachine will not be supported by Elektron Transfer.

MacOS Catalina is not out yet, and it’ll be a bit before I upgrade… but I will need to sooner than later. I’ve considered running Windows in Virtualbox on my Mac for C6, and I’m pretty sure this would work ok in a pinch… but it’s not ideal as a long-term solution. Is there any other tried & true software out there that functions like C6, for the MD and MM?

Any chance that Elektron would be willing to release C6 as an open source project, so others can continue to develop for it?


I am not into programming, but would it be that complex to recompile C6 in 64bits? Seeing the amount of Mono and Machine and Octa still around, it would make sense to update this good old C6 :wink:

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Im pretty sure they’ve thought about that.

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:thinking: :smile_cat:

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Maybe Sysex Librarian will do the trick on MacOS.

The octa doesn’t need a tool for updates. The mnm and md though still in decent use are legacy products and unfortunately support for legacy products cannot last forever. Even though I am a mnm owner and a bit disappointed I understand this.
Luckily there are other programs to send sysex, sysex librarian is a popular one.

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not concerned for the Octatrack, since it’s still in production, and you can simply mount over usb… but I’ve got a Machinedrum that I’d love a proper tool to sync samples/data and handle backups. if Sysex Librarian can do that, I’ll give it a shot… but I’m happy to hear other suggestions that may be more geared towards Elektron gear.

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Sysex librarian doesn’t work for backing up machine drum from my tests so far. Nor does it seem to work for sending samples or User waves on monomachine. Guess I’ll have to stick with Mojave until absolutely necessary.

I use MDEdit

Disclaimer: I’m the developer; so I might be biased.


looks good. what’s your timeline & price looking like?

Price: TBD


I could see this becoming slightly fun - what waves does your MnM have in it?

Will ones with the Immortal Waves library be more sought after then the stock waves?

Could be a good reason to have two of them.

So many positives to this :joy:



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I just upgraded my Mac to Catalina 10.15.2 (19C57) and it looks like they have dropped support for all 32 bit applications rendering C6 useless for me. If anyone else out there is running OSX, I would hold off on upgrading until Elektron upgrades this legacy software.

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They won’t be, you’re a bit late to the party (try the search) C6 will eventually be replaced in functionality by Transfer which should be supporting Catalina in due course (not yet) so Catalina users need to look for their own upload/backup solutions in the short term. Sysex Librarian is fine in Catalina, but again, this is old news. C6 won’t be updated beyond Mojave


Same here… damn wish I read your post first lol

Are you able to receive with Sysex Librarian?

Yep - works fine both ways, it’s tried and tested and trusted - just be sure to learn the settings it has under the hood, it can make a difference to the transfers - but mostly ensure the interval between successive messages isn’t too long

It can work nearly as quickly as C6 can, but unlike C6 it won’t peek into a dump to tell you what’s within - i…e. number of sounds or patters etc - still a useful tool to have around


Would be interested to know what setting you tried it with, as I tried updating my A4 Mk1 earlier via Sysex Librarian and it didn’t work (just sat on the receiving sysex screen and never completed). As I’ve not got access to another Mac without Catalina on I’m kinda stuck now I guess…