Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade

AR 1.70 - Test Drive 3

Same same but different (sort of minimal techno)
Make use of new machines - and trying to find the sound. The delay is not my best friend yet (think the DT delay is easier on me but this may be an illusion :wink: - but overbridge is :smiley:)

The ogg vorbis seems to take a while to load:

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There’s no compressor on the syntakt

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But bandpass filters :wink: And one could use an outboard or software compressor to fit it in the mix (well you have to mix on and with something, do you?) :slight_smile:

Like nearly everyone else, I’m loving this update. I would have been happy even if it was just the recalibration!
I haven’t had time to take every new feature for a proper test drive yet but the ones I’ve tried have been great.
An unexpected change (or at least it seems like it) is the noise. Wherever I’ve used it since updating it sounds better. I’ll do a proper comparison with some older recordings to see if I’m fooling myself obviously but that’s been an unexpected treat.


Happy if one machine does not work in the restrictions of equal temperament (with sluggish intervals) and fixed time signatures :star_struck:

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That RYTM 1.70 Sound :wink:


ST doesn’t have a comp. But that’s not really what I mean.

If I had to adjust things each time to fit a mix, I’d still have a high value and prefer for a box that just “works” without that effort.

Hopefully I didn’t come off strong. I love my ST and have no problems using it and getting sounds I like.

But something about that Perkons sound works super well for me with minimal effort. It’s just a totally different sonic signature.

My overall point is that nothing in the Rytm update amounts a big change in sonic signature or immediacy of controls which are the main draws of Perkons to me.

I don’t feel like anyone was grabbing a Perkons to be a feature rich machine. So a few more features on Rytm is far from a Perkons killer in my opinion.

Love the Rytm. Love the Syntakt. Love the update. Love the Perkons.

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These people aren’t in the beta so they don’t know about the new Syntakt FX block compressor yet


the Analog Heat really helps a lot with my Elektron gear. I would get a second in a heartbeat especially the new one that has additional FX!

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And before this cleansing with fire, just uninstalling and rebooting is generally enough.

The Rytm sounds too good without samples now


What beta

I actually know nothing, I’m just joking. I’m just a random guy

of course. this is basically an escalated version of that in case simple reinstall won’t work, as it was the case in my situation.

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this is a nice app to visual ideas (sorry if it’s been shared already) and midi test ideas

Is Euclidean another word for n-tuplets?

Similar but not quite, it’s more like rounding tuplets to the nearest division of the grid.

No it’s an algorithm to place n triggers across X steps so they’re as evenly spaced as possible. That’s not to say microtiming is used to evenly space the triggers perfectly – instead the triggers are shifted to the nearest whole step. If that makes sense?

This might help explain it better than I can:


OK, to me it looks like n-tuplets where not all steps are played. Like a triplet where you only play the first and third step, to create a swing pattern.
Shifting the notes to the nearest whole step just compromises the timing precision, as far as I can see it.

That LANDR article is terrible. The author doesn’t appear to understand the calculation, only some examples.

I posted my explanation upthread: Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade - #524 by plragde