Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade

I absent-mindedly did the recalibration without the 2 hour warm up period before. Should I just redo the process? Any downside?

im still trying but i couldn’t get it done on my mk1 maybe its a mk2 thing?

check mk1 manual, it’s different than mk2
I think it is:
synth page button + YES

I found a couple of bugs on mk1.

  • Temporary glitch in the pads lighting; when converting an Euclidean sequence into regular sequencer trigs (more evident when the patterns are longer/complex/manytracks)
  • Encoder-Press for faster speed not working with SAMPLE START and SAMPLE END parameters.
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yes this works the random names are amazing

In case anyone is inspired to dig into the details of what Euclidean sequencing might be and how the patterns are computed, I snuck it into my “intro to computer science for first-year CS/Math students”. Depending on your background, this might be more or less accessible.


Wow what an update!


Fabulous update from Elektron. Do you think Page Loop function will carry over to the other flagship boxes?

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I hope you know are a real gem sir.


A4 most definitely. I never had an OT, but maybe ?

However, I think on the smaller boxes it won’t work, because page and fill share the same button.

The requirement is to explicitly avoid ‘warm up’. In fact, if the device was on, shut it down and allow it time to cool and reach room temperature.

Then perform the calibration, it’s optimised around starting from room temperature, so unless you were fetching it from your cold garage or baking in the sun then you ought to have been fine


Pretty sick update :slight_smile: Good job, Elektron :slight_smile:

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I did not read this anywhere, and did the opposite - as in the past it was recommended to warm up the unit first before calibration. Shouldn’t this be mentioned in the instructions if seriously relevant?

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I didn’t let mine warm up, I just went straight to calibration, I didn’t know I was supposed to go otherwise. I live in Los Angeles though and the weather is usually the same around here. Sounds fine to me so far!

I’d imagine it ought to be (i haven’t reviewed the current notes on calibrating), but maybe they didn’t see the marginal benefit - in any case, it does not need pre-heating - the ideal is for sure to be at room temperature, whether it’s a mandate or ideal may not matter enough - i’m not convinced the calibration compensates for it being hot already as much as it optimises expected temperature swings based on a known starting point (room temperature being the only predictable base point for a consistent process)

There were lots of discussions on this, being at room temperature was definitely the best start point. The old calibration had 2 hours pre-then 30 mins adjusting - the new process is different in that the whole process is managed to avoid errors in people being impatient and because it was important for the new machines which need more accurate tuning

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The exclamation point says it’s important, this is out of date is what you’re saying though?


Ah, I’ll definitely watch this one! I’m particularly interested in how the sample page looks in the update on the MK1, haven’t had a chance to run the calibration yet. This evening!

EDIT: Oh noes, just looked at the chapter headings. No high-res sample start and end on the MK1! Kinda what I expected, but still a shame.

That old comment is not pertinent to this new process ! I clearly explain above that the old process worked like this. I am quoting first hand dialogue from the developers involved in the optimisation … The documentation is needing an amendment and can be reported on the relevant topic if not spotted here


I’m clarifying, thanks.

I can’t seem to upgrade.
Rytm MK1, Transfer 1.6.7, OS X 14.1.1. As soon as I drop the sysex, the Rytm displays “Upgrade Failed, Checksum error”.

Any help ?