Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade

Don’t worry. The flagship about to be released is obviously the OT MKIII.

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So keeping both now? :sweat_smile:

All beautiful in my gig, except for the change of pad page when you press fill!!! I need to be able to access mutes and scenes WHILE i am pressing fill. Hope this can be corrected in next upgrade!!

Still dont understand what pads are doing when you press fill…

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I have just discovered that when you are pressing FILL , you can access the pad pages double clicking the pages buttons. But it is still annoying and complicated. Pads should be independent of the FILL status!!


Oh man I could not resist any longer now with the special price… one AR mk2 incoming :grin:


Yep, got mine with 400$ off.

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Where did you get yours?

Right now it costs 1579 at thomann. Does that mean normal price is 1979 now? :astonished::flushed:

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Still relearning the different approach between AR and DT/ST. Like relearning how to speak and walk after a coma. This time I take notes. On paper. In a journal. The printed manual (have them printed at epubli as a5 spiral books, they even make the cover colored and inside is slightly brownish thin book paper) helps, too.

The one LFO and simple Euclidean sequencer to me is like a test thing/proof of concepts. Everything is modulatable via CC. So I guess it will be some Max for Live sequencer with lots of sequencer logic and polyrhythmic modulation (since the AR does not have independent midi lanes). Or an AR/DT combo. Although the MacBookAir 11“ from 2013 is much smaller and can record all instruments separately.

I like the sound of the LPF for each instrument. Are they analogue or the same as kn the DT?

I bought mine directly from Elektron :relaxed:

Yes keeping both for the long winter ahead :slight_smile:

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Moog Audio in Montreal.

I don’t know, I pay in CAN$.


Long ago. Different times :wink:

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It’s fully analog audio path front to back, with some digital engine ‘injections’ - so yeah, 8 x analogue filters


Made a minimal track with the new machines and heavy use of Euclidian sequencer. Posted it in that thread.

Is there a thread for posting “AR-only” tracks already?


An A/B test of a few patterns revealed one noticable change after the update if anyone is interested. After the update the Bass Tom decay/sustain is longer/louder and release is shorter I think? Maybe this has something to do with the new pitch enevelope for the Bass Tom. Nothing that the AMP envelope can’t address. In these clips below you can also hear the BT triggering differently (properly) at the start of the second bar with the 1.7 update

Before 1.7 update:

After 1.7 update:


Yes, sounds slightly (!) unbalanced in terms of volume after the update. (maybe I just fall for the prompt :slight_smile: Nothing that some tweaks couldn’t fix just as you mentioned - but if you have a whole library of ready and finished tracks for live shows on the device that might be of some annoyance. I think it would cost too much resources at Elektron to improve the conversion of existing tracks and kits for marginal improvement of the situation of very few users. A warning to users with that situation should suffice?

For anyone following along and wondering about discrepancies in the discount:

$400 CAD ≈ $300 USD

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Elektron announced the “Rytm days” on their social media as a celebration of the 1.7 upgrade :relaxed:

On and selected retailers. :wink:

RYTM direct link: