Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade

of course. this is basically an escalated version of that in case simple reinstall won’t work, as it was the case in my situation.

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this is a nice app to visual ideas (sorry if it’s been shared already) and midi test ideas

Is Euclidean another word for n-tuplets?

Similar but not quite, it’s more like rounding tuplets to the nearest division of the grid.

No it’s an algorithm to place n triggers across X steps so they’re as evenly spaced as possible. That’s not to say microtiming is used to evenly space the triggers perfectly – instead the triggers are shifted to the nearest whole step. If that makes sense?

This might help explain it better than I can:


OK, to me it looks like n-tuplets where not all steps are played. Like a triplet where you only play the first and third step, to create a swing pattern.
Shifting the notes to the nearest whole step just compromises the timing precision, as far as I can see it.

That LANDR article is terrible. The author doesn’t appear to understand the calculation, only some examples.

I posted my explanation upthread: Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade - #524 by plragde


n-tuplets are evenly spaced. The Euclidean mode as implemented here and many other devices moves the calculated steps to the nearest sequencer step. If you want tuplets you can use retrigs or the LFO and some math.

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I’m gonna have to give @plragde props for the first musical explanation that I’ve seen on Elektronauts that require the reader to grok code written in a scheme/lisp derivative! :wink:


not sure this is still relevant in here or would have been better in the bugs report thread…
i tried once again to calibrate the AR and this time i got a different message, which appeared only once though


after switching the AR off and waiting for some time before switching it on again, the calibration carried on normally; currently waiting for it to end…so still not sure what the outcome will be. i think this is most probably hardware related…and just to add to that, today one of the track buttons on the MM broke :scream_cat:

edit: and yes, that’s just how the screen looks like on mine, nothing wrong with the picture itself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Heh. The example I gave (five pulses in thirteen slots) doesn’t require one to understand any code. But if you do, it’s a fun coding exercise!

  • Adds reminder to download Racket to long list of aspirational items

…so nothing changed in the end, still getting skip on toms and filters [2/2] so mh…
i might have to send it back to HQ at some point to have it checked (no warranty anymore) but i don’t think it is going to happen in the nearest future though, either way…it still makes sounds and that’s the most important thing :smiley_cat:

Hi community, I need help with troubleshooting, depending changing of the start and end points of samples. I understand that the update brings higher sensitivity for these parameters what makes a lot of sense with long samples. But the press-
and jump-function of the E and F knobs disappeared exactly where I need it the most. On all other parameter pages it’s still working.

P.S. Even this problem doesn’t change my overall feeling about the update. It’s unbelievable what the swedes are doing - people would pay pretty much any price for an update like this for a machine that’s almost ten years old.
Elektron just gives it away! Thanks a lot!

i’d love to witness the elektronauts meltdown if a paywall was introduced…




but yes welcome @Stammmusik , the start/end encoder change has been noted in other threads, i’m not clear if there’s official word on if this is how it is now, to allow for fine access, or if it’ll be changed in future.

Quick question:

Since the upgrade I’m finding i can tune my drums down to really, really low and higher frequencies than before, which is amazing. However, the toms (which go +/- 64) sound doesn’t audibly pitch beyond +36? Everything 36 upwards sounds the same pitch. Is anyone else finding this and if not i guess i calibrate again?

It feels like i should be able to get up higher towards more 808 style toms.

Any help would be great, cheers

on my mk2 both BT and XT definitely react somewhat to pitch above 36, they just lose tail even with decay maxed out to 127 and become much shorter, XT has a bit more tail on the high values but BT looses most of it. it still reacts to pitch though, not accurately as in semitones but something is happening.

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Wait. How high would you like to pitch 'em? Standard 808 Hi Conga is around 387Hz and Hi Tom 185Hz. What are you aiming for?