Analog Rytm OS 1.70 Upgrade

It’s evolution time again for the Analog Rytm! This OS Upgrade has been baking for a while, and we think you’ll find it’s very much worth the wait.

1.70 adds a brand new flavor of sequencer, five new machines, additional parameters, scales, and a whole bunch more. It may be a drum machine at heart, but this upgrade raises Analog Rytm’s melodic potential to a new level.

Euclidean sequencer mode

The Elektron sequencer is getting a new mode. And we can’t wait for you all to get stuck into it.

Euclidean sequencer mode offers a new way to unleash your Elektron superpowers.

Euclidean rhythms come from algorithms that divide ranges of time into equal parts, controlled by three parameters: steps, pulses, and offset.

We have added two Euclidean generators that you can combine to create complex patterns on your sequencer. Giving compositions so much unique adaptability, and so much potential for unexpected fun, all at the twist of a knob.

New machines

There are five new Machines arriving on the Analog Rytm. Bringing it up to a whopping 33.

The new arrivals are HH LAB, a laboratory for the most outrageous of metallic experiments. SY CHIP, a mini celebration that echoes the SidStation, Elektron’s very first machine. BD and SD ACOUSTIC bring a fresh kick and snare to proceedings, with which to erupt to your heart’s content. And finally, there’s SY RAW, a versatile favorite from Syntakt using Rytm waveforms, that can conjure deep bass tones, towering leads, and melodic percussion.

More parameters. More melody.

Four existing machines are getting new parameters to play with.

  • Square waveform has been added to BD SHARP’s WAV parameter.
  • A new pitch envelope parameter has been added to BT CLASSIC.
  • Two new pulse width parameters are available in both CB CLASSIC and CB METALLIC.

With the arrival of new melodic machines and even more parameters, it’s only right that we add refined tuning, hi-res semitones, pad scales, and fold functionality when using the pads in Chromatic mode. And that’s what we’ve done.

Page loop

The newly added Page Loop lets you work continuously with a specific sequencer page. Easily replay the page and take your time to get the sound just right. Or go nuts in a live setting.

Plus lots more

Additionally, we’ve added sound saving from sequencer trigs, random Slew option for LFOs’ RND waveform, customizable record length for sequencer in sampler, advanced parameter lock preview, random pattern name generator, GUI improvements, performance improvements, and plenty more. For a full list of all the new features, improvements, and bug fixes - please check the release notes.


Please calibrate your Analog Rytm after upgrading. You will be prompted after rebooting to begin calibration, and this is necessary for certain feature improvements such as tuning to be functioning correctly. Please bear in mind that calibrating can take 2-3 hours.


To use the upgraded Analog Rytm OS with Overbridge, please update Overbridge to 2.7, via the new version released today to accompany the new firmware.

Download Analog Rytm 1.70 here for MKII users. And here for MKI users.

Watch the OS launch video.
Check out the OS feature demo videos.

And keep your eyes peeled for more feature demos and walkthroughs both on our channels and in the community.


We know an extra LFO was a much-hoped-for feature addition (for all of us!), but unfortunately it is not currently feasible due to hardware limitations. It wasn’t for want of trying, and we’ll keep searching for a solution, but we trust that this OS will bring a ton of fun to all Analog Rytm owners - both MKI and MKII. Enjoy!

/The Elektron Team


Omg YES!


Wow!! Best Day Ever!!


Finally the flagships getting their spotlight again. Thank you to the entire team!


Going above and beyond, once again! Your support for existing hardware is close to unmatched in the industry :slight_smile:

Yes i’m buttering you up so you’ll release updates to gear i own as well :wink:

Hint (A4 mkii, DT, DN) :joy:




Fuck me, that’s a massive upgrade! :fire:

Now hoping for something similar for the A4. Next week?!?


There are a whole lot of small features in this that I really hope we see come to the other devices. The euclidean stuff, page loop, slew on the random LFO, This feels like laying groundwork for updates to the other devices.


incredible. thank you

so happy about euclidean mode and the syntakt engines. you guys rule


wow… i already lost hope!

no mixer view right? no volume control for the ext in? no time stretch machine like the digitakt?

but, a round of applause is in order, huge update, and even for the MKI!


Aaaand: Saving from soundlocked trigs to sounds. Finally!!! Super cool.


Wednesday strikes again.


Damn, they did all this and it isn’t even a completely new model? Polyend take notice.


Holy crap!!!


I don’t think I’ve updated the OS on the AR for quite some years… is this upgrade compatible with MK I models do we know? Or only for MK II?

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Additionally, we’ve added sound saving from sequencer trigs, random Slew option for LFOs’ RND waveform, … random pattern name generator…

Sound saving from sequencer trigs is a dream come true :exploding_head:

Any chance we’ll get this and Euclidean stuff for the other devices, too?


Woooow!!! Thank you Elektron​:heart::heart::heart:

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Who sold a Rytm MKII 12 days ago and is now regretting hasting this decision? Hoping the Euclidian sequencer will be adopted by other machines too!


that wouldn’t be likely in firmware, it’s a hardware feed end to end !