That RYTM 1.70 Sound

As we have a “That Syntakt sound” thread, now that the RYTM gained new features and machines, I think that it deserves a dedicated “That RYTM sound” with our demos and snippets using the refreshed drum King :slight_smile:

Starting with one of mine, 1 LR take with Push3SA, played live:

Note: Main high-pitched loop is a CB classic machine.

Mods: Apologies if this could be considered as an extra RYTM thread, searched, didn’t find any similar.


Another one, with more of the new machines:
BD Acoustic kick, first arp SY Chip, snare SD Acoustic, filtered synth SY Raw, hi pitch sound CB Metallic, repeated HiHats HH Lab.


dang you really are nailing that classic electro sound, the new machines seem pretty dope.


Another slower, all the new machines, except kick done with BT Classic and one of the hats with UT Noise + experimenting with the euclidean trigs:


Had made some test drives with the AR 1.70 which I had posted in the 1.70 update thread. Don’t know how to link to the files there, might upload twice and from now on post audio here. Quality improves with the number of takes (best track Nr. 3 so far, in my opinion).

Test Drive 1

Test Drive 2

Test Drive 3


Ah, and what a sound the Rytm 1.70 sound is! Absolutely loving it!

In fact, I think my Syntakt is jealous now… Hope to post something in here soon.


That second video grooves haaaard :alien:

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Me challenge me (and you?) planned AR tracks

This is a reminder and to trick myself to do the following. Time is now :slight_smile: If someone wants to join the challenges - that would be awesome.

Goal is to improve understanding and skills of and with AR.


  • invest at least 20 minutes each day
  • max 3 days per challenge
  • challenges can be done in any order
  • record all sound 2 channel of the whole process no matter what (not neccessarily to be published but important for the mindset and process)
  • film everything or at least most things (charge camera batteries regularly) (same, but I guess people would find seeing what’s been done to achieve a sonic result more interesting than the mystery of sound and an arbitrary background picture)
  • against the clock with clock visible in videos
  • final tracks multitrack into ableton or as stems with overbridge stand alone for defining bass cut, some EQ etc. but no extra FX

Challenge 1: Test drive base drums synthesis only

  • record many different basedrums in one audio file and lots of variations - fixed grid for later automatic slicing and making a sample collection
  • synthesis only - no samples, not even for transients

Challenge 2: Test Drive SY CHIP

  • make a 3 channel SID like track with everything just with SY CHIP (drum track with alternating base drum, HH, SD; arp chord track, melody track)
  • should be a short loop like 1 minute 10 seconds
  • should include the new page select feature when recording
  • no fancy polyrhythm stuff, just 16 or 64step grid

Challenge 3: Minimal techno track with prominent vocal sample

  • AR only
  • 1 pattern
  • max 12 minutes final track
  • polyrhythmic structures
  • live mute/unmute/modulation
  • prominent vocal sample
  • like early RH/metroplex

Challenge 4: Minimal techno track with FM synth loops

  • AR only
  • 1 pattern
  • max 12 minutes final track
  • polyrhythmic structures
  • live mute/unmute/midulation
  • FM synth loop, odd meters, like early JM/axis records
  • synth can be external DX-100 (or any DX or OPsix or twisted electrons FM box or DN) sequenced from AR (is that possible?) or 3 to 5 samples which are played in the AR in one lane (p-lock sample change if that’s possible with this machine)
  • use of 909 HH and ride samples in this track mandatory - ride tuning modulation manually
  • like early JM/axis records

…all i can say, my old collegue is more than happy with it…and even has not touched his a4 once since 1.7…


I like that “minimal” here is in the pre-trendy, Detroit sense :slight_smile:


…who treated my friend treat with flags…!?

he loves and uses the update and just said so…meanwhile he just felt the urge to also touch his a4 again, after reading my comment…so flag this, dear community…
i’m the one who said, there’ll be no update, so i’m the one to be obviously wrong all along in first place…u all enjoy the new rytm sound…which is now defenitly the last update u guys will ever see for sure… :wink:
a4 is next…and eucledian mode will be for all the digis 'n everybody else…


Want to upload your sound of the rytm here? That would be awesome because this is why we gathered here. The thread about the 1.70 update would be next door :wink: :

Honestly I don’t know anything about it. :man_shrugging:

Anyone know if the scale mode will only affect the acual pads, or if the sequences i put into the sequencer will be slave to the scale as it is in the octatrack for example? (If the scale is active in the octatrack, the corresponding midi notes will also be adjusted to the scale).

Got it already :wink: I understood it. I tend to want to go the other way (microtonality, atonal sequences) - so idk. But to understand the misunderstanding : unfortunately, time signature is under the section labelled Scale Menu (11.10 in the pre 1.70 manual). That may lead to confusion, especially if there are now scales in it in the sense the word is used everywhere else. :wink:

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haha! I´d say it´s still possible to use P-locks or such for detuning the trigs and such,
It´d just be nice to be able to put down arps easy without having to listen to the key played, also if that´d be possible, maybe even sequence external gear with the midi,
would make it easier if it could be locked in key/scale


One thing I’ve always wanted to do in the Rytm is work with loops and easily divide and pitch them to all be in time or be just out of time. This has always been super tricky to do effectively without either timing issues or clicks in start and points, making the workflow super awkward and time consuming, that is until OS1.70 :exploding_head:

This jam is using SH101 sounds and loops, all balanced and mixed in the Rytm, and was an ease to do it…finally, meaning I could just focus on jamming and working the track.

I’m keen to do more, and with internal sounds instead of external, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” but just to enjoy the workflow. Working with the Rytm, creating midi patterns fired into the SH101 recording back into the Rytm with the new step based recording options, is smoother than Ableton, it’s so immediate and you can get something going super quick.

These loops and sounds are all triggered with the new Euclidian sequencer, which is also such a joy to work with. Since it’s arrival I haven’t even used the step sequencer, although I’m sure i will at some point.

Also, i gotta say, as many have already, the sound of the Rytm seems so much better than it was before. It seems to have much better balance and all the low bass resonance that was tricky to work around, just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. I’m not sure if it’s my getting used to it finally or they have done something with the Calibration or what, but it’s sounding so much better as a machine, and it’s great to be giving and hearing praise of this machine finally.

Anyway, here is a chilled techno groove. It was a total jam, but i think it turned out ok, quite crunchy, dreamy, but clinical sound design type stuff, which i don’t typically do, it was enjoyable to make.

The project is available to download for free and comes with additional SH101 samples that i didn’t use. Easily an EP’s worth of tracks or remixes in there I reckon. It would be great to hear what others do with it.



Cool hypnotic track :+1:
I appreciate a lot the slowly evolving delay textures with the main background pattern.
Need to check on mk2 manual the performance knob, how it works, I think that can on an mk1 can be obtained the same using an external controller like a midi fighter twister.

Will try to do something with it in the afternoon :slight_smile:
Thanks for the share! (and subscribed to your channel)


Cheers, glad you enjoyed it, and for sure, keen to hear what you come up with, nice one.

Yeah the Perf dial was something I didn’t use for ages, wanting to know better the feel of encoders and settings more generally but after finally assigning the Perf dia, being it’s not an encoder, made so much difference to performances. Assigning multiple things and to differing degrees, really opens it up to be way more expressive and akin to hardware i’m more familiar with. Definitely worth the small effort to hook something up to control a parameter or two if you can. :+1:

Cheers for the sub. Will check out the label as well :black_heart:

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