Analog Rytm MK2- Missing Cal: Pads


So i just recieved a Rytm MK2 from Thomann and turning it on the first time it did welcome me with this error message: MISSING CAL: PADS. I can click it away with YES or NO and use the machine but some features regarding the pads are not working. I can play via the Pads but can´t select tracks (TRK + PAD) or mute Tracks with (MUTE + PAD). Track selection works with the buttons btw.
I tried a factory reset and updating to 1.40C
In test mode it recoginzes the pads as PAD but doesn´t differentiate between them. (It doesn´t say PAD1, PAD2, etc.) Is this machine going back to Thomann instantly? Anyone experienced this before?
I´ll write to support too.
Thanks in advance.

Rytm MKII reliabilty

Just a little heads up. Elektron service was super quick and helpfull. Unfortunately this is a hardware issue. So the machine is gonna get replaced. (Can´t go wrong with Elektron and Thomann). Hope i´m the only one with this error!


Hi there,

I got the same error. Hoping they will help me asap. I emailed them yesterday. Lets see. Hoping you havent experienced that issue once again.

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sorry to hear. Only fix for the issue is sending it in. I sent mine back and got a refund to buy a mk1. So i can’t tell you if this is something that might reoccur.



Sorry. I did not get it. You got the money back to buy an AR MKI or MKII?

I am still waiting for their response as I got some more issues with more products from them but the main inconvenient is presentd on that AR MKII. I live in Colombia so it will be really hard to sent that back to the US, paying for it and then paying more money to get it back to my place. Such nightmare my friend. Did not expect that from Elektron, you know.

Thanks for your answer. Hoping it will be all ok after they contact me.




That’s inconvinient. Sorry man!
I returned the AR MKII to the Dealer (Thomann in Germany) and they gave me a refund. Since there seemed to be quite a lot of issues with MKII machines i decided to get a used AR MKI instead. Did you order yours directly from a US dealer? Then you should be able to return it and get a refund also. Thats probably quicker than returning it and getting the dealer to send it in, then returning it to you. Btw Thomann is shipping worldwide:
Just set your language and country in the right corner (world icon :wink:) Shipping is 50 € though. Next time you get one sent to you, let them switch on the unit and check for the error before sending it.
Hope you’ll get that issue resolved quickly.


Someone told me elektron closed their testing department

Hè elektron
Why only Words about your fav synths…
And nothing about 50% of the new hardware being broken?


Ive been having issues with my pads just did a factory empty reset and got the same message :frowning:


Sorry to hear that there’s another machine with this problem. The only way to get it fixed is via elektron support. How long did you have yours before the error occurred?


also had this appear after a few weeks of use :confused: so sending mine in today.


Just received a Rytm II from Juno in the UK. Sealed box.

Booted fine into OS 1.4OC

Froze after a few minutes of playing and saw “Missing Cal: Pads” once or twice

Installed OS 1.40D

Then saw “Missing Cal: Pads” every time I booted plus erratic pad behaviour and noise on output for some voices

Taking long time to boot

Currently waiting for a reboot, 6 min 16 secs so far …

OMG I can’t believe it. It’s toast right? I just dropped £1,215 on this …



Not even anything on screen just a few lights flash once and then … DEATH!

It’s a hot day here in the south of the UK but it’s the UK right … it’s not THAT hot!


Bollocks, I just got this when I turned my brand new Rytm MkII on this morning.

It went away with “No” and there were no noticeable issues, pad modes all seemed to work fine, scaling in chromatic mode was fine, velocity curve seemed normal.

I rebooted a couple times and didn’t see it again. Hopefully this is not a death sentence for my 1 day old Rytm. (my Digitakt is currently in the shop for a dodgy R input)


FYI - I got this message last week. I was running OB, and set the Rytm MK2 as part of an aggregate soundcard with my presonus firestudio.

I shut it down, was able to do a sysex dump, turned off the aggregate setup, turned off overbridge mode, and things have been working fine. I haven’t had the error message since.

For those concerned about the error message resulting in having to send away your Rytm, maybe just try those steps first.