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This might be unrelated but as I downloaded the updated OS, and the first thing I went to check was the Overbridge compatibility. The Overbridge mode was there on the Digitakt, but I couldn’t connect it to my computer. So the way I understand it OB support is added in the OS 1.10 update, but the current version of OB (1.15.0) can’t connect to the Digitakt.
So Digitakt users will have to wait for an updated version of OB before they can join in on the fun?
Hope this makes any sense

Digitakt 1.10: bug discussion

Everyone is waiting to join the fun. Add yourself to the list if you still can.


The new firmwares are absolutely necessary for new OB support. How is that a bad deal? If old OB support is that big of a deal to you, just keep using the old OS until the new OB is released. If not, jump on the new one. If you want it all, try applying for a Beta slot.

The Beta testers couldn’t test the new OB support without the new OS. A lot of people don’t even use OB in the first place, so why not have the option to get some new features?

The choice is there, and it likely won’t be all that long until the full release.

A nice bi-product is also that people can bitch 15% less in the meantime about all this.


Calm down, Dustin.
I just wrote my personal opinion.

I don’t hate Elektron, I just wish that after all the (righteous) criticism they would have properly tested the new OS. Look at the RYTM bugs you’ll get in exchange for the DVCO.

Also I said it’s up to everyone to upgrade or not. Stay cool.


I sure fkn hope so. Everywhere elektron even touches on the internet seems to attract at least one person complaining about overbridge. It’s getting tiring.


Extremely misleading marketing will do that to a brand


This is ridiculous. Elektronauts users complain of not getting any updates on Overbridge and when Elektron releases an update which enables the Overbridge support and also starts a closed beta the same guys complain about a few bugs and how evil and MISLEADING Elektron is. You did see the word “beta” in the OS updates, right?


It’s known as a beta release. I’m with Squadron, there likely could have been a release with new features and OB 1.0 support, and a beta release for OB 2.0. It’s a matter of version control for the code as the Overbridge work and the new features like Dual VCO’s is likely done (or should be) by completely separate software development teams. It’s a litttle extra work but this is a fairly routine sort of thing for software developers.

Good news to me is that the Mark I hardware will be included under the OB 2.0 release, thinking about it i guess it had to be. So Mark I hardware owners will get new features like for instance the DAWless stand-alone editor, etc (unless someone says that’s not happening). There won’t be an increase in bandwidth for Mark I owners but that’s limited by hardware and to be expected.


Are you serious? If it was only “a litte extra work” we would have had OB2.0 months ago. Asking for a nonsense-in-between-os that keeps the old OB support and adds the new features would bind a lot of workpower that is needed in the OB2.0 dev team. I rather see the new features embedded in the new OS without bothering about old OB system that will be obsolete anyway after 2.0 is released.


I’m always calm. :slight_smile: I was just filling in some reasoning (as I see it) why they’d choose to go the route that they did.

I’m sure there were several reasons. They decided to open up a Beta to end-users. That requires that they have the necessary software in place to do so. They could have kept that just to the Beta users. That would have been a valid approach too.

However, I’m sure at the same time, they wanted to get something new into peoples’ hands. So, by making it an option, the people who aren’t going to use OB, or participate in the Beta, can at least try out some of the new functions that they’ve been working on.

I’m sure there will be plenty of bug-fix releases. There always are, especially when larger-scale new features are introduced.

I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from waiting another version or two before jumping, if stability is the absolute most important thing. I also wouldn’t dissuade Elektron from putting the new features out in the public either. The brave people will install the updates and try the new features, while the people who’d rather not jump right away, can hang back a bit.

I’m only arguing for the choice. Not how you personally choose to approach it.

What I don’t think a lot of people understand is that Elektron (from my perspective) is a bit of a different sort of instrument company. They’ve been around a while, but they’re relatively new in the scheme of things. (they’re not DSI, they’re not Waldorf, they’re not Yamaha, etc.) They’re also smaller. They also started out as a small group of enthusiasts. They didn’t launch as a corporation.

They’re bigger now, and they have a lot of instruments under their belt. I’m not saying you can’t view this differently. I’m sure most of the people chomping for flawless OB support “right now” probably think I’m crazy. Even though they’ve evolved, I still see this group of enthusiastic people, doing something because they love it. I’m not saying this to excuse any perceived wrong-doing by people who feel things should have played out differently. I’m saying it because I think you approach things differently if you’re that sort of company. You have lofty “this will be so cool” goals. You’re excited to build something cool for your customers. However, maybe your scope and schedule go out the window due to something unforeseen.

If you’re Yamaha or Roland, you slap a bunch more engineers on the project, draw from experience in another division of your company, etc. If you’re Elektron, maybe your only option is to apologize for the delay, tell your users that you’re working on it, and keep plugging away until it’s resolved.

I just see too many people that think the OB situation is some malicious act, where Elektron is evil, and trying to cheat them out of their money and features. I can be reasonably certain (as I’ve said from time to time) that this is not the case.

Anyway, enough of that, it’s been argued to death already. As someone that occasionally ships projects late because I’m only one guy, I just view this a bit differently I think. :smiley:


Freelance dev here, I get your point of view :wink:

There’s also people that are suspicious since Arctos Equity invested in Elektron. I’m not discarding the complaints, most of them are legit, but that’s where some point of view come from, that’s why people are getting more and more suspicious about anything. They might be right, they might not, only time will tell.

Since then, let’s enjoy what we have (and hope that we qualify for the beta testing).



Swedish investment company that invests in tech companies in sweden. Nothing shady about this. I am sure Andreas Schneider will have to find new partner/investors too if he wants to grow his business.
I always wonder in what kind of fairy tale ppl live, in which companies give everything for free and never ask for money. 35 people currently work @ Elektron. They need money for living, rent, food, maybe substitute children, and even for buying some new clothes, shoes, medical bills, insurance, taxes, etc.
And of course they want safe jobs that they know they can rely on also next year or even better the next few years. In order to secure the future of the company they decided to let the company grow. In order to grew you need capital. Banks tend to be very anal regarding credits for smaller business, therefore as a company one can find investment companies that actually are much less anal about investing in new technology. So the one thing, that anyone, who is moaning and bitching about Elektron should think about, is: What would you do, if you would be Elektron and must secure jobs for 35 people and also how not to dissappoint the current customers?


Can we try to keep/get it more on topic please … :thup:


has anyone saved and backed up their AR 1.30 projects, tried out the new firmware, and successfully downgraded back to 1.30 yet? I’d like to check out the DVCO but would like to get back to some kind of overbridge functionality soon


I have successfully. Only issue I had was that I had to send the old project sysex to a new project slot upon reinstalling 1.30.

I could not open what I thought was the original in the reinstalled 1.30. can’t remember if I hit save project while on 1.45. That’s my only explanation why the original wouldn’t load when I came back to 1.30.


thanks, will do the same :crossed_fingers:


Ugh- I think that I will wait to upgrade from 1.30D on my A4 MK2 until Elektron irons out the upgrade details. It reminds me of Windows and Apple updates. Best to wait.

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Does anyone knows if Strom still works after the update?
Its possible to downgrade right?


The other void apps seem to be not working on their respective machines if you are on the latest elektron firmware. It’s probably safe to assume strom isn’t functioning properly.

You can down grade. It is recommended that you back up all projects before upgrading as there seem to be some project compatibility issues if you upgrade and then downgrade



transfer 1.1 user manual says that i need a 1.35 OS of Rytm MKI if i want to use it.
I got 1.31B right now. Where i could find 1.35? I dont want to use the latest version, because of overbrige.
Please help :wink: