7 × OS Update


Yeah, well, it’s been solved in the Rytm section.
Someone found out that it’s about how long you hold the buttons.
Short press takes you to the normal Global menu.
If you hold the combination you go straight to the Projects list.



There are a few pre-existing threads for some products covering new OS issues where suspected bugs feedback may be better collated … check the respective device’s sub-forum


Don’t upgrade your unit if you’re not certain about all the aspects of the upgrade being to your liking. It is not recommended to downgrade the firmware, pretty sure it even says so in the documentation for each update.


Just send the project backup sysex? They did a good job imo of what was in store with up/downgrading.


I don’t trust new Elektron firmwares. There are a lot of sad reports on the MKII generation updates here in the forum (including this thread) and my OT has become an unreliable machine since 1.30B/C.


there is an extra note about that:


Thanks for that. Weird, this glitch happens occasionally. When I press yes, I get “confirmed” message but destination list appears again. It’s like knob value changes as if it turned just slightly. Hope it’s not hardware error or anything. I’ll try downgrading to see what happens.


Can anyone elucidate this new feature more: “Increased the number of LFO speed snap values.”

Is this new LFO sync values that are faster/slower?


No, it means that you can locate certain values quickly by using function as a modifier/snap key

As it stands on the original AR the snap values are(were) Min / Zero / Max

so it’s easy to add more !

the factor of speed_x_mult will determine if an LFO syncs up with the pattern, the new snap values seem to facilitate on the grid lfo rates


Ollie responded in another thread that there have been 3 regressions across the 7 os drops, only one of them is critical.

So, either people aren’t actually reporting their bugs or there is an extensive amount of noise being made on the board over the few bugs there are.


No issues with 1.30B and OT MKI for me.
What are yours ? I think I read it.
I don’t update systematically if everything works. Trig Conditions worth it !


well, there is a thread that came out today about people having their " machine " ( digitone and digitakt ) freeze since the last update. Thought i should mention it … at least, i won’t update before i know what’s going on


This person is referring to the digitone only. The persons just keeps referring to it as the dt.

Upgraded my digitakt as soon as the update dropped. it’s working as expected.

Not happy about some of those removed quick snap lfo values, but no issue otherwise.


That is correct. I am talking about my Digitone.
Just for your Information: I also updated my Digitakt from what I think was 1.08 to 1.10 and have been hammering on it since. No problems so far. Had not have any problem with the Digitakt in the past except missing the notes on trig 1 when slaved to another device. But thats another story ;)…


Your original post seems to have been misinterpreted by some to believe that both your digitone and digitakt have had issues since update.


Seems so, replace DT with DN for better understanding as these abbreviations are a lot more commonly used in the forums


im all updated and have over 10 hours of jams clocked with no issues. my DN froze a few times on the old OS but has yet to do so after the update.


I described it here.
And I added some other related issues in the same topic.
I suspect that part changing got broken in 1.30B/C.

I’m in contact with support. They are aware of recording length problems which hopefully get fixed sometime. Hopefully much sooner than Elektron’s soon :slight_smile:

But hey, we’re talking off-topic here :slight_smile:


At last. This makes me a lot more confident about Elektron again.


So basically I loose OB functionality and a stable OS in favor for a DVCO and Transfer App? Bad deal.

The OS update seems rushed to calm down the criticism. But yeah, in the end it’s free choice if you update or not.

Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion